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Leadership Skills Training for Managers

Soft Skills Training: 360-Degree Leadership Skills For Managers -, Malaysia Training Courses 360-Degree Leadership for Managers
By Mr GK Lim
PSMB HRDF Claimable
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360-Degree Leadership Skills For Managers Training Category:
Soft Skills
Target Audience:
All managers and supervisors
2 days
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360-Degree Leadership Skills For Managers

“Helping General Managers, HOD’s, Managers and Executives to work within the 360-degree corporate ecosystem.”

By Mr GK Lim

MBA • ISO Certified In Marketing & Sales • Certified Competency-based Training & Education Instructor
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It is an understatement to say that the role of leadership and management has changed dramatically in present time. This workshop is design to help General Managers, HOD’s, Managers and Executives work within the 360-degree corporate ecosystem . How can they play the roles of a leader, manager, coach, and coordinator combined? The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants the skills and techniques to lead others in a 360-degree teamwork environment and commitment. Through discussions and exercises, participants will learn how to lead a team to achieve a common goal while developing its individual team members.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training program, participants should be able to:

  • Aware of current best practices in talent management, and putting them into action
  • Go thru the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses, and helping subordinates capitalize on, or deal with, them
  • Know the process of earning other people’s S.T.A.R. (Support, Trust, Admiration, Respect)
  • Understand the concept of the 360-degree Leader
  • Discuss the myths, challenges and processes related to 360-degree leadership
  • Know how to get buy-in from internal and external customers (superiors, peers, vendors, local authorities, subordinates, and others within the corporate ecosystem)
  • Understand how and why subordinates and others think, process information, and make decisions

Course Outline

D A Y  1

When you wear the manager’s hat

  • What is your number one job priority?
  • What do managers do?
  • A manager’s priorities.

Managing talent

  • Test your current knowledge of talent management
  • What is talent and why you cannot train or develop talent
  • The differences between skills, knowledge and talent
  • Why you cannot change people
  • Some FAQ’s on talent management 

Putting talent management into action

  • Questions your subordinates ask of you as their leader
  • The three major talent groups -- striving, thinking, and relating talents, and how they relate to your industry
  • How not to lose talented subordinates

All about the 360-degree Leader

  • Issues of mid-management
  • The challenges of leading from the middle of an organization
  • Myths and perceptions of mid-management  

The 360-degree ecosystem

  • Strategies for leading peers (across)
  • Strategies for leading up (superiors)
  • Strategies for leading the rest of the ecosystem (customers, vendors, public, authorities) 

You don’t need a title to be a leader

  • Becoming an inspirational leader
  • Leadership versus management
  • Key dimensions of leadership
  • What do people want from their leader?
  • How to lead is to inspire and gain commitment 

D A Y  2

All about Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • It's so easy earning other people's S.T.A.R.
  • Understanding EI (Emotional Intelligence)
  • What is an "Intelligence"?
  • Dr. Daniel Goleman on video
  • Companies are made up of human beings
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps a person to become an effective leader  

Communication in your organization

  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Communicating with internal and external customers
  • Communicating with subordinates, superiors, peers, vendors, customers 

Anger transformation

  • ACRC – anger management S.O.P.
  • Test yourself on anger management
  • Some case studies on anger management 

Being aggressive and assertive

  • Case study – Spilled coffee
  • Why being aggressive conflicts with higher personal productivity
  • Group work: converting aggressive statements to assertive ones 

How to get others to do what you want them to do

  • Obtaining buy-in from your superior, subordinates, colleagues, and peers
  • People move to action only when there is pain
  • People don’t like to admit they have a pain – look for symptoms
  • Making the pain more painful to ensure quick decision
  • How to stop people from giving objections to ideas and proposals 

Don’t CCC -- condemn, criticize, comment negatively -- instead, evaluate

  • What is “aggressive” and what is “assertive
  • How not to condemn
  • How to evaluate your subordinates
  • The sandwich method of evaluation
  • Examples of evaluation situations
  • How to be assertive, not aggressive 

Program Endorsements

This program was validated by EDS™ (Executive Development Seminar) of Advance Academy Resources Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Akamai University and Commonwealth Open University for CEU award purposes

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