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5S Workplace Management Training

Manufacturing Operation Training: 5S & Workplace Management 5S & Workplace Management
By SDI Centre Sdn Bhd
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Course Title:
5S & Workplace Management
Training Category:
Manufacturing Operation
Target Audience:
Senior & Middle Management, executives and supervisor.
2 days
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Delivery Methods
  • Language: English
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Participant Presentation
  • Video Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Demonstrations
  • Certificate of Participation
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Lean Techniques:

5S & Workplace Management

“Seeing the truth with effective 5S and Workplace Management.”

By SDI Centre Sdn Bhd

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In your office or shop floor can you find what you need in less than 30 seconds? How frequent do you have to put your customer order on-hold because the information/thing that you need is not in front of you?

This program is designed to provide participants a broad understanding on workplace management & how to improve workplace productivity with proven Lean techniques - 5S.

Course Objectives

At the end of this training, participants would be able to:

  • Understand what Lean 5S is.
  • Able to implement Lean 5S in office.
  • Know how to drive productivity through workplace management.
  • Know how to recognize the common wastes in office.
  • Understand the basic concept of visual management.

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Module 1: What is workplace productivity?

  • How to create value to your customer?
  • How to measure workplace productivity?
  • The common bottleneck in shop floor and office management.

Module 2: Introduction to 5S

  • Why 5S?
  • First step to implement 5S
  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
  • What about the 6S?

Group Activities

  • Participants will be brief on the practical approach to 5S and workplace management.
  • Practical session for a selected work station.

D A Y  2

Module 3: Introduction to common wastes in shop floor and office

  • Value added vs. Waste.
  • The impact of wastes in office.
  • 7 Wastes for office processes.
  • Group practice on how to recognize wastes.

Module 4: Visual Management

  • Background of visual management
  • Why visual management?
  • How to do a simple visual management in office?
  • Create a system to sustain the change

Group activities and presentation

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