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Strategic Management & Leadership Competency

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Course Title:
Strategic Management & Leadership Competency
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Business Management
Target Audience:
Executives, Managers
2 Days
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Feb 2017 ›
Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Thu 08 Feb 2017 - Fri 09 Feb 2017
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

Strategic capability is one of the key elements that affect a manager and/ or leader’s credibility. Strategic decisions made by the managers/ leaders are crucial to the success or failure of a specific task and/ or project. This training program will help you to improve your organization’s bottom line, by providing the knowledge and skills towards application of the essential managerial/ leadership competencies through an experiential approach, whereby participants will learn through actual doing.

Course Objectives ›

At the end of this 2-day strategic management skills training, participants should be able to:

  • Plan, Organize, Lead and Control strategically (P.O.L.C Cycle),
  • Apply the RIGHT leadership style on the RIGHT occasion towards effective execution of strategic decision (Situational Leadership Concept)

Course Outline ›

DAY 1 & 2

1.0 Managing an Leading Through 'Strategic COMPASS' towards Organisational and Team Effectiveness

  • 1.1 The TWO (2) C's paradox of cultivating strategic leadership at the workplace
    • Leading through 'COMPASS' - SMART Goal Setting
      • Establishing STRATEGIC goal setting
      • Building MOTIVATING and strategic-thinking workforce
      • Determining ACHIEVABLE and strategic milestones
      • Relooking and reviewing on RELEVANCE of strategic goals
      • Practicing continuous TRACKING of effective and efficient execution of strategic initiatives
    • Leading through 'CLOCK'
      • Ensuring strategic utilization of resources - Manpower, Machine/ Material, Methods and Money
  • 1.2 Cultivating Strategic Operational Planning and Management
    • Identifying your customers (internal and/ or external) strategically and determining strategic plans to fulfill their needs competitively
      • Adopting the 'Deep Dive Strategy' to determine your focused customer-base, what your customers need, how can you fulfill the needs and what should work plan and manage strategically
    • Managing your operation to ensure it is financially sound
      • Establishing the trade-off of values versus cost in managing your strategic plan
    • Establishing strategic internal process improvement to ensure total customer's satisfaction and sound departmental financial strength
      • Identifying what should you eliminate and/ or reduce to sustain competitiveness strategically
      • Identifying what should you raise and/ or create to sustain build competitive edge strategically
    • Cultivating a learning workforce towards continuous improvement
  • 1.3 Strategic Leading and Controlling at The Workplace
    • Four Types of Leadership Style.
      • Autocratic - Do It My Way, and Do It NOW
      • Bureaucratic - By The Book, and Do It RIGHT
      • Democratic - Let's Vote On It, and DO It TOGETHER
      • Laissez Faire - Hands Off, and FAST
    • Leadership Styles and the FOUR (4) Workforce Maturity Levels
      • DIRECTING - How to match with workforce with low competency and high commitment
      • COACHING - How to match with workforce with a some competency and slightly low commitment
      • SUPPORTING - How to match with workforce with moderate competency and variable motivation
      • DELEGATING - How to match with workforce with high competency and high commitment

2.0 Practicing The FIVE (5) R's of Assertive Leadership towards Effective and Efficient Execution of Your Strategic Plan

  • 2.1 Apply your leadership RIGHTS to confront the brutal facts, in order to right the wrong
  • 2.2 Build workplace RELATIONSHIP constructively through assertive communication
  • 2.3 Cultivate a RESULT-oriented workforce by aligning the workforce towards the common goal
  • 2.4 REPRODUCE workforce competency through constructive performance feedback and coaching
  • 2.5 Build a RESPECTFUL work environment

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