Coaching Skills for Leaders: 2 Days

Coaching Skills for Leaders Training Course Coaching Skills for Leaders
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Course Title:
Corporate Coaching Skills for Leaders
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Human Resource Management
Target Audience:
Executives, managers, leaders and emerging leaders who want to learn and incorporate coaching skills into their current leadership style in order to increase their effectiveness and influence within their organizations.
2 Days

Course Introduction ›

This 2-day Coaching Skills Training Program is designed for leaders who want to apply result-oriented caoching skills that assure the achievement of company's bottom line.

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Course Objectives ›

  • A comprehensive coaching approach to help your people improve performance and manage performance challenges
  • To utilize coaching to increase business results by expanding your direct reports' potential and performance
  • To create a culture of core competencies that leads to coaching conversations throughout the organization
  • To create a consistent methodology of coaching that increases performance and supports the company's growth
  • To leverage your coaching strengths while learning skills and techniques to increase your organizational influence

Course Outline ›


Module 1 : What is Coaching

  • Acquire a coaching mindset that will allow you to create results in others in the areas of performance, learning and fulfillment
  • Learn the difference between coaching and managing, and identify when both should be used
  • Explore characteristics of good coaches and self-assess your level of expertise
  • Learn how coaching, when applied to your day-to-day work, creates an increase in organizational results

Module 2 : Core Coaching Skills

  • Transform your ability to listen and close the gap between what the speaker said and your interpretation of what you heard
  • Learn three levels of active listening and create alignment through the creation of a shared agenda
  • Identify and learn how to ask powerful questions that increase performance, deepen learning and increase fulfillment in others
  • Learn how to consistently craft questions to move action and results forward
  • Transition from a problem orientation to solution orientation through The Coach's Checklist for Asking Powerful Questions
  • Develop the ability to get more buy-in, action and ownership in any business situation

Module 3 : Coaching Process /Framework and Implementation

  • Acquire powerful tools for coaching anyone at any level
  • Develop your skill in using The Coaching Roadmap to prepare for an effective coaching conversation
  • Learn how to steer employees to focus their behaviors and actions in the direction you determine as most productive
  • Develop more skill as a coach by utilizing The Coaching Model, which is guaranteed to increase business results

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