Stage Charisma Training Course: 2 Days

Stage Charisma Training Course Stage Charisma Training
By Global Corporate Academy
Public Speaking Skills:

Stage Charisma

“Diagnose the hormonal reasons of stage fear, physical actions & self-hypnosis to turn anxiety into enthusiasm”

By Global Corporate Academy

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Stage Charisma
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Soft Skills
Target Audience:
Professionals who have intentions to win audience through speaking on stage, run webinars including managers & leaders.
2 Days
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  • Language: English
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
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Course Introduction ›

Stage Charisma has evolved from Art to Science and reached to the level where psychology & biology (mind & body) combination generated extremely good results for public speakers. In parallel, technology has also given biggest leap demonstrated through forums like TED where 19 minutes’ videos inspired 41 million plus people globally. This has triggered the technology with biology revolution in the field of stage charisma for unforgettable impact to audience. Considering the opportunities enhancement around, we are still surrounded by the fact that 99% presentations are still painful out of 30 million delivered daily, the fact that Public speaking is treated as No. 1 fear in the world.

“Charismatic Presence” (managing the sub-consciousness through conscious) is a program specially designed on the basis of biology, psychology, hypnosis and neuroscience to enhance your professional effectiveness during face-to-face or virtual presentations / meetings, supported through the framework of learning, reflecting & embedding. Additionally, intensive focus on “Why we face speaking fear” & “how I am improving it now”, in addition to “what to improve” bring this program to the most successful level. This is complemented by multiple de-briefs & comprehensive follow up program ensuring reinforcement and embedding to turn you a successful presenter.

Course Objectives ›

  • Experience the overall framework of stage charisma including developing as strongest, winning audience & exploiting tools & techniques
  • Diagnose the hormonal reasons of stage fear, physical actions & self - hypnosis to turn anxiety into enthusiasm
  • Why 99% slides are boring to audience, be a professional creating experiences instead of slides
  • Inspiring people through the pillars of Connecting, Engaging, Surprising & Embedding
  • Behavioral Factors, potentially turn best presence as absolutely zero and methods to avoid them; zero multipliers

Course Outline ›

  • Develop as a Strongest Speaker
  • Factors which multiply any presentation with zero
  • Your physical impact, unconscious messages
  • Self - nudging to improve day by day
  • Winning Audience through four pillars
  • Creating experiences rather slides
  • Dealing with webinars & telepresence meetings
  • Comprehensive follow up program

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