Chemical Safety Training: 2 Days

Chemical Safety Training Training Course Chemical Safety Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Chemical Safety:

Chemical Safety & Spillage Response Procedures

“Get trained to react effectively and safely in the event of chemicals spillage or discharge.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Chemical Safety & Spillage Response Procedures
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Health & Safety
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This course is suitable for Production or operation executives, supervisors and leaders, Safety, health and environmental management committee members and others interested in safety aspects.
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  • PowerPoint Presentation
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Course Introduction ›

Each Department which stores or handles hazardous chemicals or toxic chemicals must have in place emergency plans and procedures for dealing with the spillage of these chemicals. Employees must be trained to react effectively and safely in the event of chemicals spillage or discharge.

Course Objectives ›

  • Basic understanding of chemical Safety as stated in USECHH Regulation 2000 of OSHA 1994
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of Response Team & Individual
  • Understand and able to practice chemical clean up procedures
  • Be able to develop in house emergency response plan
  • To improve on the skill of chemical spillage response procedures through practical training
  • Be able to apply what have been learned

Course Outline ›

DAY 1 to 2

Overview of Occupational Safety & Health

  • Aim
  • Scope
  • Ground Rules
  • Overview of Occupational Safety & Health
  • Definition of OSH
  • Why OSH is important
  • Definition & terminology
  • Heinrich Theory
  • Industrial Accident
  • Hazards
  • Classes of Hazards
  • Risk
  • Causes of accident
  • Why manage safety

Introduction to Chemical Safety

  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Chemical effects
  • The Importance of Chemical Safety
  • Chemical used in workplace
  • Definition
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Physico-chemical properties
  • Risk Phrases
  • Safety Phrases
  • Chemical adverse effect
  • How chemical get into the body
  • Routes of entry
  • Concentration & types of exposure
  • Effect of toxic substances
  • Evaluate chemical Exposure
  • How to find out about chemicals- MSDS or CDS
  • Chemical Labeling
  • Chemical Emergency Procedures

Chemical Spill Response & Clean up Procedures

  • Emergency Response Team - Roles & Responsibilities
  • Pre Planning Procedures
  • Types of Commercial Spillage Kits
  • Spillage Emergency
  • Response Procedures
  • Duties of Initial Personnel ( ERT)
  • Spillage Emergency Response Procedures
  • Liquid Chemical Spillage
  • Powder Chemical Spillage

Practical- Emergency & Spillage Response Procedures involving Spillage Response Team, Fire Fighting Team, Rescue Team & First Aid Team

Methodology ›

It is a highly interactive program where speakers can share their knowledge and experience about the topics and problem areas participants need to know. It consists of lectures and practical exercise in spillage response procedures.

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