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Corporate Grooming and Etiquette
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Soft Skills
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Officers, Executives, Receptionists, Customer Service, Assistant Managers, Managers who has to face and service customers in their daily line of duty.
2 Days
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Business Etiquette:
Corporate Grooming and Etiquette

“Enhance your corporate image!”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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In the corporate world, standing out from your competitor is increasingly important, whether you are in a key negotiations, a business presentation or with existing customers. Many organizations spend fortunes establishing a corporate image, which adorns letterheads and reception desks. However, are their employees maximizing the organization’s corporate image potential?

The projection of a first impression is always from our ‘gut feeling’ about people. In fact these feelings are triggered by the verbal and non verbal communication we pick up. With only 7% of what we actually say influencing those opinions, how we present ourselves, or our business image, is key.

Whether you are maintaining an existing customer or trying to close a deal with a new customer is very much depending on how well you are able to represent your company in a professional manner.

Course Objectives

After attending this 2-days course, you will:

  • Be able to present themselves with poise and confidence
  • Have the knowledge on how to be well groomed at all times
  • Develop good dress sense and style professionally and socially
  • Have the confidence to carry themselves with appropriate conduct and etiquette in any situation

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Module 1 : Image Analysis

  • What is image?
  • How is image formed?
  • Image audit

Module 2 : Dining Etiquette

  • Table manners
  • Table setting
  • Entertaining – business lunch
  • Etiquette of a host/ guest

Module 3 : Practical Session On

  • Dining
  • Lunch (optional)

Module 4 : Tips On Good Grooming

  • Image Spoilers
  • Magic of colors

D A Y  2

Module 5 : Dressing With Impact

  • Dress sense
  • Bodylines / proportions and height
  • Styles and color choice

Module 6 : Dressing With Impact

  • Styles and color choice
  • Corporate wardrobe
  • Clothes coordination
  • Dressing for presentation
  • Accessories

Module 7 : Dressing Right

  • Analysis and review

Module 8 : Deportment And Poise

Module 9 : Business / Social Etiquette

  • Office etiquette
  • Comfort zone
  • Proper introductions
  • Handshakes
  • Business card
  • Body language
  • Meeting manners
  • Speaking with confidence


This course will be conducted via mini-lectures, discussion, exercise and case studies. The participants will be introduced to the problems solving approaches available in purchasing.

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