Improve Sales Skill Using NLP Techniques

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Improve Sales Skill Using NLP Techniques
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Soft Skills
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This training program is designed for new recruits, frontline personnel, account representative, Tele-Marketers, Sales Professional, booth sales person, sales spokesman, sales and marketing supervisors, team leaders, entrepreneurs and any player involving in sales process, Entrepreneur and Business Owner.
2 Days
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Sales Skills:
Improve Sales Skill Using NLP Techniques

“Sales is a very competitive profession and anything that will give a sales professional and extra edge is worth examining. NLP can make a dramatic difference to your sales conversions.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Sales is a very competitive profession and anything that will give a sales professional and extra edge is worth examining. NLP can make a dramatic difference to your sales conversions.

If you knew how people encode meaning on their experiences as a sales professional you might be able to ensure that your products are encoded with good meaning. NLP can help you do this.

In NLP there are many different processes and techniques that you can use that will allow people to become more responsive. In a sales context having specific processes to build the responsiveness of your prospect including anticipation and excitement over either the product or the results the product can bring would be useful to any sales professional

Course Objectives

By the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Realize your personal potential and start charging forward for success
  • Overcome self censorship and stereotype society put into a sale profession
  • Understand more about sales and marketing in various perspectives and dimensions
  • Apply various NLP techniques to mental prepare yourselves to handle sales tasks
  • Strengthen your believes in yourselves and create comfort bubble to shield negatives
  • Enhance your creativity in sales and marketing effort
  • Find significant correlation between sales and building rapport
  • Develop individual impact style and persona
  • Handle stress, rejections and negatives throughout sales cycle process
  • Be confident in meeting and communicating with people
  • Stay focus and well composed before, during or after sales activities
  • Be analytical and critical on customer emotions
  • Approach general people and turn them into potential buyers
  • Apply powerful ‘close’ even with the most negative customer
  • Understand ‘why people buy’ vs ‘why people buy from you’ effect
  • Put into perspective in pertain to comprehensive ‘sales process’ and what it really means
  • Plan your future financially and economically.
  • Display good working ethics
  • Reduce customer objection intention and convert it into your advantage
  • Do mental situational and condition analysis and make fruitful decision at anytime
  • Stop whining excuses and start the profession with joyous emotion.

Course Outline

D A Y  1

1. Developing Interest in Sales and Marketing

  • Mental and physical preparation.
  • Delving with fact about sales and marketing as a prospect career.
  • Learn to understand the field through research, training and experience intelligently not through “what people have been telling you”
  • NLP TimeLine - Experience built confidence

2. Breakfast with a “K.I.S.S.”

  • Unveiling prolific ways to question and to answer your ‘Who?’, ‘When?’, ‘Where?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘Which?’
  • Managing the “How?” question and the implication
  • Application of “K.I.S.S”

3. Building Self Persona

  • NLP – ‘SCORE DANCE’ Changing mindset – shifting paradigm or just be yourself.
  • Motion the impact on visual and emotional appearances.
  • Ethics and Etiquettes: Acceptable and non-acceptable sales person behavior (Social norms)
  • Embracing prudent judgment
  • The challenge of situational change.

4. NOW!: Ready to Face Sales and Marketing Challenge

  • Power Six sales pitch sequence – Proven and tested.
  • Sales pitch vs sales talk
  • Customer ‘face off’: NLP – Emotions Synchronization
  • Senses activation – NLP – Sci Fi Movies
  • Building FAILURE defense

D A Y  2

5. Be the solution not the problem

  • How to establish fantastic rapport
  • Body Language: Sending subliminal message ‘you can trust me, I am genuine’
  • Why should customer listen to you when you stop or meet them?
  • Assessing customer behavior ‘customer who buy’ and ‘customer who buy from you’
  • Learn how NOT to kill your career by overselling or underselling.

6. The Art of NOT Sell like a Salesman

  • Understanding market segmentation
  • Human strength and weaknesses
  • Human needs and necessity – Delve into Demographical and Sociological aspects of evaluation.
  • Long term customer vs ‘hit and run’
  • Establish hidden bonding with your customer
  • ‘Undone’, ‘Overdo’ or ‘I do’? Learn the boundaries of commitment!

7. Sales Cycle – Revisited

  • Sales process check and balance
  • Law of Averages
  • Critical sales analysis
  • Sales pitch and presentation evaluation
  • Monitoring result – Applying philosophical inductive and deductive arguments.

8. Success is not an Option

  • NLP – Motivation: Visual of Success
  • Draw your unique road map to chart your future

9. Self coaching – Sustaining Momentum and Energy

  • Preparation of a marathon man
  • Falling back on a difficult time
  • Handling goals and peer pressure

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