Retrenchment Planning & Executing

Carrying Out a Retrenchment Exercise Carrying Out a Retrenchment Exercise
By TED Integrated
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Carrying Out a Retrenchment Exercise
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Human Resource Management
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CEO, Managers, Executives
2 days
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Industrial Relations:

Carrying Out a Retrenchment Exercise

“Learn to carry out retrenchment in a lawful way!”

By TED Integrated

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The programme covers all the legal and human aspects of planning and executing retrenchments. Principles made through Industrial Court decisions will be shared in the programme. Some retrenchments were declared not genuine while others were found to be genuine. While the focus is on those who are covered under the Employment Act 1955, the programme also covers those who are outside its scope. The basic principles of genuine retrenchment applies to all employees under the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and in the Industrial Court.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the difference between retrenchment and termination
  • Identify who can be retrenched or laid-off and paid retrenchment benefits
  • Calculate the quantum of retrenchment / lay-off benefits
  • Calculate the correct amount for encashment of annual leave and public holidays
  • Calculate the right amount of monthly salary for retrenched employees
  • Know both the legal and soft approaches in handling retrenchments / lay-offs
  • Manage dismissals and resignations during retrenchment / lay-offs
  • Make right deductions and contributions for SOCSO, EPF and Income Tax

Course Outline


Morning Session

  • Difference between retrenchment and termination
  • LIFO and FIFO principles in retrenchment
  • VSS and MSS
  • Breaking the retrenchment news to employees

Afternoon Session

  • Retrenchment benefits administration
  • Resignations and dismissals during retrenchment
  • Computing annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave during retrenchment


Morning Session

  • Public holiday administration
  • Calculating wages on retrenchment
  • EPF, SOCSO and MTD deduction on retrenchment
  • Role of labour department in retrenchment

Afternoon Session

  • Can an employee claim wrongful dismissal on retrenchment?
  • Case-studies
  • Workshops

Who had attended this training?

  • Guardian Venture (M)
  • Kudrat Maritime
  • Bumimetro Construction
  • Sinora
  • Global Airfreight
  • Shangrila Hotel
  • Hitachi Chemical
  • Redtone Telecommunications
  • Multipurpose Insurance
  • Pacific Regency Apartments
  • STT Technologies
  • Fujiya Constructions
  • Boulevard Hotel

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