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Change Management & Leadership Development Change Management & Leadership Development
By Dr Rumesh Kumar
PSMB HRDF Claimable
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Building High Performance Organisations: Culture Change & Leadership Development
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Business Management › Culture Management
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This course is suitable for anyone who has a responsibility for improving performance. It is excellent for HR professionals, line and functional managers, who have to work through people to show how to garner the necessary support needed for highlighting and addressing issues that affect the realization of business objectives.
2 Days
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Change Management & Leadership:
Building High Performance Organisations — Culture Change & Leadership Development

“When it comes to implementing business plan, culture eats strategy for lunch.”

By Dr Rumesh Kumar

Doctor in Business Administration • Certified Project Management Professional • HRDF Claimable
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Organization culture has been the least discussed and yet has the most profound impact on organizational performance. It is well known that what doesn't get measured, doesn't get managed. To manage culture, it is crucial for an organization to measure it based on research based and highly validated diagnostic tools that have been used by thousands of companies seeking to redefine their organizational culture.

This two-day seminar introduces the diagnostic tool, Denison Model that measures culture and shows participants how the results from using the tool may be analyzed and action plans developed to develop a high performance culture.

Course Objectives

By the time the participants have completed this two-day workshop, they will be able to recognize the key role culture plays in developing and maintaining high performance organizations. They will also be given an opportunity to see how organizations have undergone transformations by focusing on culture improvements and implementing targeted action plans aimed at improving overall culture of the organization.

By the end of the program, the participant should be able to:

  • Define organizational culture and how it improves overall performance
  • List key traits of a high performance organization culture
  • Determine key requirements for improving organizational culture
  • Develop action plans to improve overall organization culture
  • Prepare for a culture assessment survey
  • Explain the link between organization performance and corporate culture
  • Identify ways and means of improving overall organization culture
  • Seek buy in from senior management on the need for assessing and managing corporate culture

Course Outline

Participants attending this workshop will be introduced to the Denison model and how it may be used to survey employee's perceptions of the organizational culture that exists. They will learn what high performance organizational traits are and how these traits enhance organizational performance. Case studies of organizations that have successfully introduced positive changes in their organizational culture shall be discussed.


Morning Session

  • Key traits of a "high performance" organization
  • Why culture matters in developing high performance
  • The Denison Model - Origins and Overview
  • Research linking culture to business performance

Afternoon Session

  • Culture as a business issue
  • Global benchmarks and results in percentiles
  • Applications - Strategic Alignment, Turnaround and Transformation
  • Culture change Process


Morning Session

  • Culture Case II
    1. Setting the stage for change
    2. Data collection and interviews
    3. Interpretation of results
  • Maintaining Momentum
    1. Denison Change Monitor

Afternoon Session

Denison Leadership Development:

  1. Leadership Competencies/Anatomy of a Leader
  2. Leadership Global Benchmark
  3. Leadership 360 & Change Monitor
  4. Leadership survey process
  5. Leadership Composites and Case Study
  6. Data analysis and interpretation


The methodology entails interactive lectures, individual reflection, group discussion sessions, video clip presentations, culture survey and case studies on how culture affects organizational performance. Where possible, adult-learning principles will be adopted. It will involve ensuring that the participants first engage in group based activities to give them concrete experiences, followed by giving them an opportunity to reflect and conceptualize what was covered so that they are able to internalize the concepts covered.

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