Customer Service Skills: The STAR Principles

Customer Service Training Course Customer Service Skills: The STAR Principles
By Knowledge Hub Asia
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The STAR Principles Towards Excellent Customer Service Mindset
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Soft Skills
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This course is designed for any crew member who has direct contact with customers.
2 Days
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The Hub, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon 20 Apr 2020 - Tue 21 Apr 2020 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Customer Service Skills:

The STAR Principles Towards Excellent Customer Service Mindset

“Bringing you the awareness of 5 Levels Excellence Service Mindset and 4R Customer Relationship Building Principles with this highly experiential workshop.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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As the old saying goes, “...the measure of a man is not how many servants he has but how many men he serves” and to serve with passion is the most indispensable element towards winning with people, in order to make your business standing out from competition. This programme brings to you the awareness of the 5 Levels of Excellence Service Mindset and how to arrive at the highest point through the 4R Principles of Customer Relationship building, through a highly experiential workshop setup. It also presents you the application of FISH Principle to ensure your customer service is outstanding and sustained at the UNBELIEVABLE Good Level, with easy to understand real-life stories plus practical tools & techniques of excellent.

Course Objectives

By the end of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Extend Special Treatment” to the valued customers
  • Provide Timely Attention” to serve the customers in needs
  • Deliver an Assured Service” to comply with customers’ expectations
  • Ascertain a Reliable Product” to meet customers’ satisfaction

Course Outline


1. Understand Excellent Customer Service Mindset

  • What is customer service?
  • Why we need to embed excellent customer service mindset?
  • The skills-set and mindset of excellent customer service
  • The FIVE (5) levels of customer service mindset to strengthen customer relationship
    • Basic
    • Expected
    • Desired
    • Surprising
    • Unbelievable

2. The 4-R Principle To Escalate Customer Relationship Building

  • Receive your customers without pre-conceived judgment
    • The 'Lens' Concept
      • Who we are determines how we see our customers
    • The 'Pain' Concept
      • Avoid being a hurting person who hurts the customers and is easily hurt by them
  • Relate to your customers through rapport building
    • The 'Charisma' Concept
      • Customers are interested in the person who is interested in them
    • The 'Elevator' Concept
      • Make our customers feel important
  • Reinforce your customer relationship building
    • The 'Gardening' Concept
      • All customer relationship need cultivation
    • The 'High Road' Concept
      • Treat the customers better than they treat us
  • Reframe your relationship with customers
    • The 'Exchange' Concept
      • Instead of putting customers in their place, we must put ourselves in their place
    • The 'Confrontational' Concept
      • Care for customers should precede confront the customers


3. The F.I.S.H. Principle To Ascertain Timely And Excellent Service

  • Create a Fun state of mind to spark interest in the customers
    • Say the magic words
    • Create the service 'magic' through body language
  • Act based on customers' INTENTION to make their day
    • Focus
    • Ask to clarify
    • Seek to understand
    • Take the right action
  • Be there not only to SERVE, but to up your service
    • Be proactive to serve
    • Make your service personal
  • Hook your service in customers' heart
    • Generate moment of truth
    • Initiate moment of impact

4. Manage Difficult Moment With Customers

  • Is the customer really King?
    • The power of a positive NO!
    • Deal with difficult customer situation
      • Manage customer's expectations
    • Encourage customers to complain
    • Understand customers' expectation
    • Seek to delight the customers
  • Manage service recovery to retain customer's loyalty
    • Things-To-Do when thing goes wrong
    • Right the wrong!
  • The team spirit to put things right

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