Facility Management Training: Managing Risk

Managing Risk in Facility Management Managing Risk in Facility Management
By Dr Rumesh Kumar
PSMB HRDF Claimable
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Managing Risk in Facility Management
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Business Management › Facility Management
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Facility managers and facility management team members who have to manage facilities at the workplace. This program is excellent for companies that specialize in facility management and need better expertise in managing risk so that they are able to deliver better services to their clients.
2 Days
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Facility Management:

Managing Risk in Facility Management

“Risk Management is the DNA of Facility Management”

By Dr Rumesh Kumar

Doctor in Business Administration • Certified Project Management Professional • HRDF Claimable
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Facility management is now firmly established as a professional discipline and is attracting senior managers with a wide range of qualifications and experience from other industries. The facility management industry is maturing from a mainly operational activity to a more comprehensive strategic approach which influences organizational planning and performance.

Applying risk management techniques in now fast becoming a crucial requirement for facility management. This is in view of the increasing level of complexities facility management professionals face as they strive to survive in an increasingly uncertain and competitive business environment.

This two-day course aims to expose participants to risk management concepts, models and processes that relate to facility management and that can be applied at any level of organization no matter how large or small.

Course Objectives

By the end of the programs, the participant will be able to

  1. List the importance and key purpose of facility management
  2. Define risks and facility management
  3. Prepare a facility risk management plan
  4. Develop a risk register for the facility
  5. Analyze risks faced in the context of their likelihood and impact
  6. Evaluate risks identified based on the criteria established
  7. Develop plans to respond to risk
  8. Communicate and consult with key stakeholders on risk issues
  9. Monitor and review risk management practices undertaken

Course Outline


Morning Session

  • Understanding the purpose and importance of facility management
  • Operations and Projects in Facility Management
  • Role of the facility manager
  • Stages in facility life cycle
  • Definition of risk management

Afternoon Session

  • Levels of risks in facility management
  • Opportunity, uncertainty and hazards based risks in facility management
  • Developing a risk management plan
  • Identifying common risks faced in facility management
  • Risks events, root cause and impact relationships


Morning Session

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Developing a risk response plan as part of the facility management plan
  • Key components of a risk management framework

Afternoon Session

  • People issues in managing risks in facility management
  • Dealing with different risk attitudes, tolerances and appetites
  • Techniques for developing a positive risk culture in organizations

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