Supervisory Skills for Factory Supervisors

Supervisory Skills for Factory Supervisors Training Course Supervisory Skills for Factory Supervisors
By TED Integrated
Leadership Skills:

Supervisory Skills for Factory Supervisors

“Learn all the essential skills to become a successful supervisor in the manufacturing industry.”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Supervisory Skills for Factory Supervisors
Training Category:
Soft Skills
Target Audience:
Suitable for safety and production supervisors who work in the factory and manufacturing environment.
2 Days
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Delivery Methods
  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Simulation
  • Participant Presentation
  • Lecture
  • Case Studies
  • Certificate of Participation
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Course Introduction ›

This is a high impact supervisory programme that improves supervisors' mind-set, skills and potential towards high performance and work excellence in the factory and manufacturing environment.

Supervisors with knowledge, skill and right mind-set will embrace change, develop effective interpersonal relationship, and continuously enhance work quality to organizational growth. They will be committed to their own learning and improvement.

This program on building desired supervisory management skills will take supervisors through the journey by exploring their present thinking, feeling and actions, and assist them to improve their personal and team performance. This training is particularly suitable for safety and production supervisors who work in the factory and manufacturing environment.

Course Objectives ›

  • To transform Supervisor's Mind-set to be proactive and independent at work
  • Learn and understand supervisory management competencies to enhance performance to achieve their Key Performance Areas
  • Understand the different styles of leadership and how to use them for effective outcomes.
  • Acquire people management skills and become an effective communicator and inspire the employees to take on the new challenges
  • Learn Quality Management to solve problems and make decisions as a Team
  • Plan the work and work the plan to meet deadlines and achieve targets by effective time management
  • Apply positive discipline at work and learn counselling techniques
  • Recognize workplace hazards and develops take preventive safety measures

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Supervisory Management Competencies

  • Challenges faced by today's Supervisors
  • Supervisor's Roles & Responsibilities
  • Supervisory Key Result Areas
  • New Supervisory Management Competencies
  • Supervisor Profiling

Module 2: Leadership. Motivation & Communication Skills

  • Essential Components of Leadership
  • Leadership Styles
  • Motivation at work
  • 8 Communication Principles
  • Levels of Communication at Work
  • Video: Be Prepared to Lead - Mini Case Study

Module 3: Productivity & Quality Management

  • PQCDSM - Input -Process-Output
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Kaizen- Continuous Improvement
  • Eliminate Muda ( Pembaziran)
  • The Problem Solving Loop
  • Group Exercises & Presentation

Module 4: Effective Time Management

  • Planning & Organizing
  • First Things First
  • Deliver on Time
  • Avoiding the Time Traps
  • The Time Quadrant Application

Module 5: Employee Relations

  • Positive Discipline
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Grievance Handling
  • Counselling
  • Role Play

Module 6: Occupational Safety & Health

  • Supervisor's Responsibility towards Safety
  • Hazards and Risk at Workplace
  • Hierarchy of Safety Control Measures
  • PPE- Personal Protective Equipment
  • Good Housekeeping

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  • Miyzau Sdn Bhd
  • Proton
  • IBM Malaysia

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