Managing Difficult Customers

Managing Difficult Customers Managing Difficult Customers
By TED Integrated
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Managing Difficult Customers
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Soft Skills
Target Audience:
Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Customer Service, Collection Department
2 Days
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  • Language: English
  • Group Discussion
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Customer Service Skills:

Managing Difficult Customers

“Unravel the secret of managing 'difficult' customers...”

By TED Integrated

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Customer is customer. They demand their rights though they may not be always right. However, customer is important to the business. Many of us have been a customer and aren't we being difficult at times. So who is the difficult one? This workshop is to unravel the secret of managing well our "difficult" customers with recognizing ourselves before the customers, the various types of customers we are dealing with and how important every customer is to our business.

Course Objectives

Key learning objectives:

  • Gain insights into people are different yet predictably different with different needs and Customers are people!
  • Recognising first ourselves then a variety of customers' personality types
  • Develop emotional intelligence and application of emotion-reducing method in the most challenging situation
  • Develop confidence when involved in difficult customer interactions
  • Harness effective and appropriate strategies to manage various types of customers
  • Gain knowledge on 6-steps Problem Solving strategies and get understanding to apply them for positive results

Course Outline


Module 1: Set right the things first to set things right - overview of customer service

  • Customers are Business
  • Customer's feedback is a Gift!
  • Customer is spelt as Expectation
  • Accept that customers may not be always right but always Important
  • Right customer service mindset -"Is it Dealing, Handling or Managing"

Module 2: Look into the Mirror

  • Seek first to understand self
  • Understand and develop your emotional intelligence to handle every situations
  • Understand your reactions and develop effective response
  • Recognise how you appear to others
  • Find out your confidence level and common pitfalls in being a confident self

Module 3: Understand what make us tick

  • Define what you mean by "DIFFICULT" and who is being difficult
  • Understand the communication style that affect relationship
  • The impact of WORDS on customer relationship
  • The impact of WORDLESS on customer relationship
  • Finding the root cause of the DISCORD that escalate the relationship to "Difficult"


Module 4: Step into Customers' shoes

  • First take off your shoes - W & M perception and perspective
  • People are predictably different so accept the difference
  • Understanding customers' needs, expectations and rights
  • Establish trust and cultivate better relationship with right motivation

Module 5: Managing Situations with Understanding

  • Dealing with fear of situations being escalated to higher authority
  • Recognising and working with a variety of difficult personality types
  • Dealing with customer's emotion with Emotion-Reducing Model
  • 6-step Problem Solving strategies for an excellent customer relation management
  • Your response or reactions make a significant difference to you and the company you are representing

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