Thinking Skills: Mind Mapping Techniques

Mind Mapping Techniques — Enhance Your Thinking Skills Thinking Skills: Mind Mapping Techniques
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Mind Mapping Techniques — Enhance Your Thinking Skills
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Soft Skills
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This program is suitable for Executive, Supervisors, Officers, Administrators, Managers and anyone who are interested in solving problems at workplace using mind mapping method / technique.
2 Days
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Creative Thinking & Problem Solving:

Mind Mapping Techniques — Enhance Your Thinking Skills

“A single most effective and versatile thinking and creativity tool that is being used throughout the world.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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How can individuals maximize their creativity, concentration and mental agility? How can ideas be progressed and information communicated?

In the past, linear notes were needed but communication risked being cluttered or misinterpreted. Mind Mapping techniques remove these difficulties and allows rapid expansion and exploration of an idea resulting in a clear and concise picture or 'map' of all the relevant interlinked points for inclusion.

The use of shapes, colours and dimensions as visual stimulants further add to this simple and powerful tool. Developed by Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping is now widely recognized as the single most effective and versatile thinking and creativity tool and is used throughout the world.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this programme, the participants should be able to:

  • Learn Practical Mind Mapping Techniques - confidently apply them to your every day process
  • Improve your Organizational Skills - rather than writing copious pages of notes, you'll be able to present information in an organized and easy to follow format.
  • Identify and Understand a Project - Mind Maps offer you a visual (non linear) structure to maximize the thinking potential of your brain.
  • Add Structure - Mind Maps are a good way to plan and structure projects, presentations, writing and other business tasks.
  • Refresh your Thinking- the single page format allows you to revisit a subject, refresh it and where required review that subject quickly and easily.
  • Involve your Challenges - the simple format means others can read, understand and add their own ideas.
  • Enhance Creativity - promote free thinking and become more creative.
  • Improves Memory - the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.
  • Aids Problem Solving - by bringing all of the information together from differing sources to one page.
  • Save Time - Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective.
  • Versatility - Mind Maps are so versatile that they can lend themselves to virtually any task in and out of the workplace.

Course Outline


Module 1: Dimensions Of Creative

  • Overview of Creativity, Innovation and Change
  • Creativity leads towards Innovation
  • What is Creativity?
  • Occurrence of Creativity
  • Linking Creativity and Colors
  • How Creative People Rates
  • Personal and Organizational Blocks to Creativity
  • Demonstrating the Adult Learning Techniques
  • Group workshop and Presentation

Module 2: Under The Human Brain

  • How Your Brain Works
  • Discover what goes on in your Brain during Thinking
  • How to Achieve a Higher Level of Creativity
  • Left Brain Right Brain Hemispheres
  • How the Brain Link and Associate Information


Module 3: How To Draw Mind Maps

  • How to use Mind Maps for Creative and Report Writing, Planning, Decision-Making, Presentations, Making Notes, Taking Notes, Studying, Brainstorming and more
  • How to make Mind Map Notes and use them for studying and learning
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques

Module 4: Creativity And Divergent Thinking

  • Are we all Creative?
  • Definition of Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Understanding Convergent Thinking vs Divergent Thinking
  • Application of Divergent Thinking Abilities Creatively
  • The Elements of Thinking of 5W 1H using Mind Mapping
  • Different Ways of Thinking to Trigger Creativity

Group Activities and Presentation

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