Communication Skills Enhancement Course

Communication Skills Training Course Enhance Your Communication Skills
By Knowledge Hub Asia
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Enhance Your Communication Skills
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Soft Skills
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Managers, Executives, Sales Professionals, Tele-Sales Executives or anyone who wish to enhance their communication skills.
1 Day
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Oct 2018 ›
Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tue 16 Oct 2018 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Communication Skills:

Enhance Your Communication Skills

“Learn how to express your ideas across to win customers and get people to listen to you.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

PSMB Certified Training Provider
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Effective communication is indeed a necessary skill that is required if you plan to move up the ladder in your career or in society. Without knowing the proper way of communication style you will not be able to express your ideas across to win customers or getting people to listen to you.

Understanding the way people communicate will provide you the winning edge to build relationship with customers, friends and family.

In this one day program, we will help you to enhance your communication skill, understanding the different style people communicate and to speak with confidence.

Course Objectives

At the end of the training program, the participants should be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of what is good communication is and improve their communication abilities using 6 types of communicative skills
  • Learn D.O.P.E personalities and use it to enhance their interactions with people
  • Learn methods on how to build good rapport and convey their messages to people effectively
  • Learn the importance of body orientation, gestures, facial expressions, and other body language signs that can influence how people perceive them
  • Speak with confidence, class and conviction to just about anyone

Course Outline


Module 1: Communication Essentials - Power Up, Speak Up!

  • Building Successful Rapport Everywhere You Go
  • Knowing the Types of Communication & its Implications
  • Master the 6P’s of Communicative Skills

Module 2: Personality Analysis - D.O.P.E Personality Profiling

  • Understanding D.O.P.E Personalities
  • Using D.O.P.E as a Communication Weapon

Module 3: Fool-Proof Strategies to Send Your Message Across Effectively

  • The 30 Seconds Rule
  • O.L.A.H Sales Strategies – Objectives, Listener, Approach and Hook
  • Call of Action
  • Pitch Accurately & Get Your Desired Results

Module 4: Be a Master of Body Language (Non-Verbal Communication)

  • Smiling Success & Laughter Decoder
  • Watch Out Body Signals!
  • The Principles of Business Handshakes & Gestures
  • Posture & the Yin Yang Theory
  • Dress Speak!

Module 5: The Wonders of Words & Using Them to Your Advantage

  • Power Up Your Vocabulary!
  • Speaking with Confidence – Pause, Pace & Clarity
  • Harnessing the Power of the Simple ‘Thank You’ Note
  • Communicating with Difficult People


This conventional seminar is structured to be lively and interesting as we learn the best in moments of enjoyment. It also flows with the participants’ needs and wants. The training methods we apply in our program are such as using the video clips, role-plays, demonstrations, games as well as lecturing.

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