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English Grammar Training Course Learn English Grammar
By TED Integrated
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Grammar is a Tool
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Soft Skills
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Suitable for all level of staff who need to speak and write to customers.
2 Days
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  • Language: English
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
  • Participant Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Case Studies
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Learn English:
Grammar is a Tool

“Start giving credibility for your personal, professional and corporate image through well spoken English!”

By TED Integrated

PSMB Certified Training Provider
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As English or Grammar is a vital tool and still stands as a common international language, therefore being able to communicate professionally and proficiently with the language does give credibility for positive personal image, professional image and corporate image.

Course Objectives

  • Keen awareness of positive personal, professional and corporate image with business communication in English
  • Able to communicate verbally with confident at workplace and social gathering
  • Awareness on common grammatical and pronunciation error
  • Understand email etiquette
  • Understand writing and oral business protocol
  • Develop interest to be better of with English language
  • Develop increased confidence to speak confidently

Course Outline


Module 1: The essence of Business Communication

  • The positive effectiveness of business communication in personal, professional and corporate environment
  • The impact when good business communication taken for granted
  • Foundation of Business Communication
  • Avoiding business communication pitfalls
  • Removing barriers to excel in English business communication

Module 2: Mind Your Language

  • Fun with English business communication
  • Appropriating writing and oral communication language
  • Body Language during Conversation
  • Start a conversation, maintaining it and gracious exit


Module 3: Grammar and Vocabulary made easy

  • Common grammatical errors
  • Similar sounding words, different meaning and usage
  • Proficiency in singular and plural form
  • Perfecting practice on Pronunciation

Module 4: Speaking English with accuracy and confidently

  • Overcoming F.E.A.R with Rapport Magic
  • You can speak confidently wherever your are
  • Hear you speak
  • Presenting well is a great present
  • Seek first to be understood than to understand

Module 5: Writing Etiquette

  • Email etiquette and appropriate structure
  • Simple Report Writing
  • Opening, Closing, Salutation and Paragraphing
  • Managing customer's complaints in writing

Who had attended this training?

  • NAZA group

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