Critical Thinking Skills & Decision Making

Critical Thinking & Decision Making Critical Thinking & Decision Making
By Knowledge Hub Asia
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Critical Thinking & Decision Making
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Soft Skills
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This course is designed for Managers, Head of Department, Supervisors, Executives and anyone who is looking to enhance their ability in reasoning and analyzing an issue / problem; who is engaged in day-to-day problem solving and decision making; who is looking to improve their thinking and reasoning ability; who wants to master the fundamental skills of creative thinking and who tends to believe in assumptions and mere perceptions which may lead to inaccurate decisions. Duration:
2 Days
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Mind & Mental Training:

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

“Expand your critical thinking skills and be a better problem solver and decision maker...”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

PSMB Certified Training Provider • ILM Approved Centre
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You will gain the critical thinking skills you need to become a more effective problem solver, decision maker and communicator. By learning how to expand your critical thinking skills, you will be able to think strategically, see the big picture and consider all sides of an issue – everything you need to do to become a better problem solver and decision maker.

Course Objectives

By the end of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Learn how to use critical thinking to challenge assumptions and expand perceptions
  • Come to better conclusions and decisions more often
  • Influence and persuade others with critical thinking and clear language
  • Learn how to find out what you don’t know – and solve the real problem
  • Decode and clarify the truth behind an argument or information
  • How to spot fallacies in an argument and tell good reasoning from bad

Course Outline


1. The Fundamentals Critical Thinking

  • What is Critical Thinking?
  • Application of Critical Thinking in analyzing decision
  • Basic Concepts Of Critical Thinking

2. Arguments

  • Identifying Arguments in their natural habitat
  • Logic – Deductive Validity & Inductive Force
  • Evaluating arguments
  • The practice of argument reconstruction
  • Rhetorical ploys and fallacies

3. Reasoning

  • Is the evidence and reasons reliable?
  • Acceptable reasons
  • Reasoning about alternatives and necessary sufficient conditions
  • Reasoning by analogy
  • Reasoning by Hypotheses
  • Consistency and precision measurement


4. Clarifying Meaning

  • Constructing and evaluating definitions
  • Thinking critically about frameworks
  • Uncovering the missing information
  • Decoding beyond the obvious
  • Seeing shouldn’t be believing
  • Evaluating Source of Information
  • Safeguards / Filtering the information received

5. Critical Thinking Practical Approach

  • Learning the art asking the right questions
  • Uncovering the mysticism using critical thinking
  • Critical Thinking Mistakes to avoid
  • Practical Guides and Golden Rules in Critical Thinking
  • The Art of Mastering the effect of ambiguity
  • Methods in overcoming Personal bias, Values and Beliefs that influence critical thinking

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