Microsoft Excel for Intermediate-Advance User

Microsoft Excel for Intermediate/Advance User Microsoft Excel for Intermediate/Advance User
By Knowledge Hub Asia
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Microsoft® Excel for Intermediate/Advance User
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Information Technology
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This course is designed for clerks, officers, executives and managers of all level, and personnel who want to learn more in-depth knowledge, and practical uses of Microsoft Excel. Duration:
2 Days
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Microsoft Excel Training Series:

Microsoft® Excel for Intermediate/Advance User

“Move your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level with this intermediate and advance Microsoft Excel course!”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Microsoft Excel provides you with the relevant tools to transform data into formatted and meaningful information. It also allows you to generate great business reports, graph and charts for business analysis and presentation. It is an essential tool for today business. If you already have the basics of Microsoft Excel, this course will help bringing you to the next level for greater efficiency and productivity.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Outline and Group Data
  • Work with PivotTables
  • Hyperlink Excel and The Internet
  • Creating and Using Shared Workbooks
  • Work with Visual Basic and Macros
  • Perform Advanced File Management
  • Customize Excel and Use Excel With Other Programs

Course Outline


Unit 1: Outlining And Grouping Your Data

  • Using Automatic Outlining
  • Displaying And Collapsing Levels
  • Grouping Data Manually
  • Creating Subtotals

Unit 2: Pivot Tables

  • What Is A Pivot Table?
  • Creating A Pivot Table Frame
  • Specifying Data In A Pivot Table
  • Rearranging Pivot Table Data

Unit 3: More On Pivot Tables

  • Modifying Pivot Table Calculations
  • Formatting A Pivot Table
  • Refreshing A Pivot Table
  • Charting A Pivot Table
  • Creating A Pivot Table Based On Data From
  • An External Database

Unit 4: What If Analysis

  • Using A One And Two Input Data Table
  • Using Goal Seek
  • Using Solver

Unit 5: Hyperlink Excel and The Internet

  • Hyperlinks And The Internet
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Modifying Hyperlinks
  • Using The Web Toolbar
  • Browsing Hyperlinks In Excel


Unit 6: Creating and Using Shared Workbooks

  • Sharing A Workbook
  • Requesting Reviews
  • Reviewing A Workbook
  • Tracking Changes
  • Merging And Revising A Shared Workbook

Unit 7: Visual Basic And Macros

  • Adding Code To Your Macro
  • Adding Comments To VBA Code
  • Declaring Variables
  • Prompting For User Input
  • Iteration Over A Range
  • Using If Then Else Statements

Unit 8: Advanced File Management

  • Identifying File Properties
  • Searching For Files
  • Protecting Personal Information
  • Creating Back Up Files
  • Changing Auto-Recovery Settings

Unit 9: Custom And Advanced Features In Excel

  • Customizing Excel By Changing Options
  • Using Custom Auto-Fill Lists
  • What Is Text To Speech?
  • Using Detect And Repair

Unit 10: Using Excel With Other Programs

  • Using Excel In Word
  • Inserting Excel Data In Word
  • Modifying Excel Data After Insertion

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