Team-building Training: Integration to Progression

Team-building: Integration to Progression Team-building: Integration to Progression
By TED Integrated

Team-building: Integration to Progression

“Rebuilding people confidence and realigning TEAM focus...”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Team-building: Integration to Progression
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Soft Skills
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All levels of employees are encouraged to participate.
2 Days 1 Night
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  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Indoor Activities
  • Participant Presentation
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Course Introduction ›

Individuals may come from diversified personality, behaviour, habits, background, education and culture, yet a TEAM (the Organisation) is formed and that is the beginning of tomorrow legacy. However, for the TEAM (the Organisation) progress, there are great necessities for integration. It is a pertinent time to keep together to review the TEAM's core values, rebuilding people confidence and realigning TEAM focus on the Vision working together for success.

Course Objectives ›

  • Enriching Team integration with DISC
  • Power of positive relationship for positive progress
  • Building Team Mindset
  • Building empowered leadership
  • Review and Realign core values to build strong TEAM (the Organisation)
  • Focus on the Goal (Vision) to move forward

Course Outline ›


Overview on Understanding self, understanding others under the DISC magnifying glass

  • Understanding DISC tool, understanding report

Breaking communication barriers and building bridges towards effective relationship

  • DISC and Whale Done! principle

Building The Leadership Bridge - Be empowered!

Building Team Mindset

  • Group exercise with building a complex structure

Revisit the Treasury

  • Brainstorming exercise to review Vision & Mission Statement & Core Values

Where do WE go from here?

  • Brainstorming exercise on how best we can work together to create a success story

The Optimum Challenge

  • Group exercise with one team game

Creating a WE success story

  • Brainstorming to formulate action plan and commitment to integrate and progress

Methodology ›

  • Integrating facilitation and experiential learning with games
  • Ice breaking and energisers
  • DISC assessment tool and understand the result
  • Brainstorming for realignment towards goals

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