Team-building Training Towards Excellence

Team-building: T.E.A.M Towards Excellence Team-building: T.E.A.M Towards Excellence
By TED Integrated

Team-building: T.E.A.M Towards Excellence

“Coming together is beginning, keeping Together is progress, working together is success”

By TED Integrated

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Team-building: T.E.A.M Towards Excellence
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Soft Skills
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All levels of employees are encouraged to participate.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

A Team Bonding program based on the model "Coming together is beginning, Keeping Together is progress, Working together is success". As individuals from different personality and backgrounds come together, Team Forming defines the beginning. However, an effective TEAM keeps together to achieve Team Performance towards greater heights for the team and the organization. So let's PAUSE for a break away expedition to reenergise for strengthening trust, enriching team values and building stronger team bonding for efficiency and productivity.

Course Objectives ›

This is a 2-Day-1-Night out-of-office Team Bonding program. This team-building program is designed to achieve team communication, team planning, team execution, problem solving, sense of belonging, trust and team work.

Course Outline ›


Morning energizers

  • Trust Pendulum & We Support You

Team Formation and Team Cheer

  • [Note: For internal strategy, participants can be pre-divided to respective teams before the event.]

Understanding DISC of You and Others

  • Explanation on the DISC tool and concept, different observable behavior styles, challenges of each behavior style, communication enhancement and how each behavior style could contribute to build better TEAM relationship. This is the foundation of people skill that requires for team effectiveness.

Team Bonding Challenges

Outdoor Challenge

  • Challenge 1: 7-up Balancing

    Each team to bring a 1.5L water-filled bottle balanced on a canvas and focus move together to bring the bottle from one checkpoint to the finishing checkpoint without dropping the bottle. Require maximum team focus, accountability and personal responsibility.

  • Challenge 2: Crossing Crocodile River

    Each team leader to bring all members, with some blindfolded, to cross a "Crocodile River" without falling off the stepping object. Require elements of trust, patience, concentration, interdependency and personal responsibility.


Indoor Challenge

  • Challenge 3: Propelling Team Power

    Each team is to build this tower together and enjoy the process to turn the hundred pieces of materials into a fun and moving propeller within a given time. This is an Observable behavior on display in this activity. Require team communication, cooperation, accountability

  • Challenge 4: Flip 'N' Match

    Each member takes turn to flip and match the right pair of cards until all cards are completely matched within a given time. Require personal responsibility and team communication to complete the challenge

Reinforcing Team Value with One Team Challenge

  • One Challenge (Outdoor): Moving Together

    Participants formed a circle to pass on various types of balls with a given material at a given time to complete the task without dropping the balls along the process. Require effective strategy, team efforts, team focus and individual contributing the effort with sense of accountability and responsibility.

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  • RHB Banking Berhad
  • IBM Malaysia
  • Leader Aluminium

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