Configuring Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Training Configuring Windows 8.1
By TED Integrated
Microsoft® Windows:

Configuring Windows 8.1

“Learn to install and configure Windows 8.1 for optimum performance!”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Configuring Windows 8.1
Training Category:
Information Technology
Target Audience:
IT Administrators, System Engineers, Network Engineers, IT Support Staffs, and those who are interested to optimize their Windows 8.1 PC for better performance.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

This is a 2-Day Configuring Windows 8.1 training for those who want to learn how to install and configure Microsoft® Windows 8.1 for optimum performance. Participants will also learn about the licensing of Windows 8.1, migrating and managing User Data during upgrade, managing disk and device drivers, and network configurations, including wireless network. This workshop also covers the fundamentals of working with Hyper-V virtual machine and the features of Virtual Private Network (VPN). More topics will also be covered as stated in the course outline below.

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Course Objectives ›

After the completion of this Windows 8.1 workshop, participants should be able to perform the following:

  • Installing Windows 8
  • Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 8
  • Managing Disks and Device Drivers
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Network Connections
  • Implementing Wireless Network Connections
  • Implementing Network Security
  • Configuring File Access and Printers on Windows 8 Clients
  • Securing Windows 8 Desktops
  • Configuring Applications
  • Optimizing and Maintaining Windows 8 Client Computers
  • Configuring Mobile Computing and Remote Access
  • Implementing Hyper-V
  • Troubleshooting and Recovering Windows 8

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Installing Windows 8

  • Planning to Install Windows 8
  • Performing a Clean Installation of Windows 8
  • Configuring an Answer File
  • Using an Answer File to Install Windows 8

Module 2: Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 8

  • Backing Up Important User Data and Settings
  • Restoring User Data and Settings to a Target Computer
  • Verifying Successful Migration of User Data and Settings

Module 3: Managing Disks and Device Drivers

  • Creating Volumes
  • Configuring Quotas
  • Working with VHDs
  • Installing Device Drivers
  • Managing Device Drivers

Module 4: Configuring and Troubleshooting Network Connections

  • Enabling Automatic IPv4 Configuration
  • Configuring IPv4 Manually
  • Creating a Simulated Network Connectivity Problem
  • Resolving a Network Connectivity Problem

Module 5: Implementing Wireless Network Connections

  • Planning a Wireless Network
  • Determining the Cause of Wireless Network Problems
  • Configuring a Wireless Network Policy
  • Configure a wireless network connection.

Module 6: Implementing Network Security

  • Creating an Inbound Firewall Rule
  • Creating An Outbound Firewall Rule
  • Creating and Configuring Connection Security Rules
  • Configuring Windows Defender

Module 7: Configuring File Access and Printers on Windows 8 Clients

  • Creating a Shared Folder for All Users
  • Creating a Shared folder for the Marketing Group
  • Creating and Sharing a Local Printer

Module 8: Securing Windows 8 Desktops

  • Creating Multiple Local GPOs
  • Testing the Application of the Local GPOs
  • Protecting Files with EFS
  • Modifying UAC Prompts

Module 9: Configuring Applications

  • Configuring Internet Explorer
  • Configuring AppLocker Rules
  • Testing the AppLocker Rules

Module 10: Optimizing and Maintaining Windows 8 Client Computers

  • Creating a Performance Baseline
  • Introducing Additional Workload
  • Measuring System Responsiveness Under Load
  • Configuring Windows Update

Module 11: Configuring Mobile Computing and Remote Access

  • Creating and Configuring a New Power Plan
  • Creating and Testing a VPN Connection
  • Configuring a Remote Desktop Connection

Module 12: Implementing Hyper-V

  • Overview of Hyper-V
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Hard Disks
  • Managing Snapshots

Module 13: Troubleshooting and Recovering Windows 8

  • Exploring Windows 8 Recovery Options
  • Introducing a Simulated Problem
  • Resolving the Problem

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