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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training Course Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010 Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Microsoft® PowerPoint Series:

Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010 Intermediate/Advanced

“Discover the practical uses of PowerPoint!”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Course Title:
Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010 Intermediate/Advanced
Training Category:
Information Technology
Target Audience:
This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who wants to know, understand and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft PowerPoint.
2 Days
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Sep 2017 ›
ThotBox Training Centre, Damansara Intan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon 25 Sep 2017 - Tue 26 Sep 2017
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Dec 2017 ›
ThotBox Training Centre, Damansara Intan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Wed 20 Dec 2017 - Thu 21 Dec 2017
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

This course is designed for people who have a basic knowledge of Microsoft® PowerPoint, and who wants to increase their knowledge and know the practical uses of PowerPoint.

Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Add Graph and Table into Presentation
  • Add Organization Chart and SmartArt
  • Add WordArt
  • Navigate within a Presentation
  • Create a Photo Album
  • Apply Animation
  • Add Movies and Sounds to a Presentation
  • Work with Multiple Shows
  • Link part of a file
  • Create Links with Action Buttons
  • Create and apply Master to a Slide

Course Outline ›


Module 1 - Various Files Types And Presentation Navigation

Lesson 1.1 Saving Your Files

  • Using File Formats
  • Exporting a File to PDF
  • Using file Properties
  • Using Auto Recover

Lesson 1.2 Using Templates

  • Opening a Template
  • Using a Template
  • Downloading Templates
  • Creating a Template

Lesson 1.3 Navigating The Slide Show

  • Navigating the Slide Show
  • Using the Navigation Buttons
  • Using the Pointer Button

Module 2 - Adding Tables And Charts

Lesson 2.1 Creating And Working With Tables

  • Inserting a Table
  • Drawing a Table
  • Using the Table tools Ribbon
  • Working with Cells
  • Inserting an Excel Table
  • The Insert Excel Table Ribbons

Lesson 2.2 Formatting A Table

  • Setting Style Options
  • Setting Table Styles
  • Changing the Shade of a Fill
  • Applying Borders
  • Adding Effects
  • Drawing Borders
  • Adding and Formatting WordArt

Lesson 2.3 Working With Charts And Graphs

  • Creating and Linking Worksheet Charts and Graphs
  • Chart Tools Ribbon
  • Incorporating Titles and Data
  • Legends and Labels

Lesson 2.4 Working With SmartArt

  • Creating SmartArt
  • SmartArt Tools
  • Resizing Diagrams
  • Inserting a SmartArt Graphic from a Slide

Module 3 - Adding Graphics

Lesson 3.1 Customizing Your Diagrams

  • Inserting a Symbol or Special Character
  • Adding and Editing Shapes
  • Changing Diagram Types and Design Schemes
  • Incorporating Text

Lesson 3.2 Working With Text Boxes

  • Adding a Text Box
  • Selecting Text Boxes
  • Deleting a Text Box
  • Moving a Text Box
  • Resizing a Text Box
  • Rotating a Text Box
  • Formatting a Text Box
  • The Drawing Tools Ribbon

Lesson 3.3 ClipArt

  • Searching for clipart
  • Inserting ClipArt
  • Formatting ClipArt

Lesson 3.4 Other Illustrations

  • Inserting a Photo from a File
  • Inserting a Photo Album
  • Updating a Photo Album

Module 4 - Adding Audio / Visual Effects

Lesson 4.1 Adding A Movie

  • Insert Movie from the Clip Organizer or File
  • Movie Tools
  • Deleting a Movie

Lesson 4.2 Adding A Sound Clip

  • Insert Sound Clip from Clip Organizer or File
  • Sound Tools
  • Recording a Sound
  • Playing a CD
  • Deleting a Sound

Lesson 4.3 Using Animation

  • Entrance, Emphasis and Exit Effects
  • Add and Draw Motion Paths

Lesson 4.4 Advanced Animation Options

  • Speeds and Timing Options
  • Using Slide Transitions
  • Creating a Custom Animation

Module 5 - Advanced PowerPoint Features

Lesson 5.1 Working With Multiple Shows

  • Basic Custom Shows
  • Linked or Hyperlinked Custom Shows
  • Creating, Editing, Copying and Deleting Shows
  • Setting Show options
  • Merging Your Presentation with Another

Lesson 5.2 Delivering A Presentation

  • Copying a Presentation to a CD or Folder
  • Opening Packaged Presentations
  • Delivering a Presentation on a Computer

Module 6 - Links And Objects

Lesson 6.1 Creating Photo Albums

  • Creating a Photo Album
  • Inserting Pictures and Images
  • Text, Captions and Picture Order
  • Picture Layout, Frame Shape and Design Template
  • Changing Colour Effect
  • Putting it all together

Lesson 6.2 Creating Links

  • Link Part of a File
  • Link an Entire File
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Change and Remove Hyperlinks

Lesson 6.3 Editing Links

  • Updating Linked Information
  • Open and Edit Source Files
  • Cancelling Links and Changing the Source
  • Creating Action Buttons

Lesson 6.4 Using Objects

  • Create a New Embedded Object
  • Embedding Part of a File
  • Embedding an Entire File
  • Edit Embedded Objects

Module 7 - Finishing A Presentation

Lesson 7.1 Inspecting A Presentation

  • Launching the Document Inspector
  • Running the Document Inspector

Lesson 7.2 Sharing Your Presentation

  • Publishing Slides
  • Saving Slides to a Workspace
  • Faxing Slides

Lesson 7.3 Working As A Team

  • Creating a Workspace
  • Inserting, Editing and Deleting Comments
  • Mark Presentation as Final

Module 8 - Advanced Topics

Lesson 8.1 Creating Voice Narrations

  • Checking the Settings
  • Link and Embed Voice Narrations
  • Record and Delete Narrations

Lesson 8.2 PowerPoint And Windows

  • Searching for Documents
  • Starting PowerPoint on Windows Boot
  • Using Office Diagnostics
  • Checking for Updates

Module 9 - Creating Masters

Lesson 9.1 Introduction To Slide Masters

  • Types of Masters
  • Using the Slide Master Ribbon
  • Using the Notes Master Ribbon
  • Using the Handout Master Ribbon

Lesson 9.2 Creating Masters

  • Create a Master Slide
  • Creating a Master Note
  • Creating a Master Handout

Lesson 9.3 Using Masters

  • Apply master to a Slide
  • Apply Note and handout Masters
  • Removing Masters

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