1 Day Statistical Process Control Training

Statistical Process Control Training Course Statistical Process Control Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Techniques & Methodologies:

Statistical Process Control (1 Day)

“Designed to minimize the requirements of statistics and maximize the practical examples.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Course Title:
Statistical Process Control
Training Category:
Manufacturing Operations
Target Audience:
Executives and Supervisors either currently or about to implement Statistical Process control in their work environment. Ability to use calculator with Standard Deviation Function is required.
1 Day
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Course Introduction ›

This 1-day Statistical Process Control (SPC) training was designed to minimize the requirements of statistic and maximize the practical examples. Upon completion of this training, students should be able to set up the Control Charts and interpret histograms to determine the Cp and Cpk value

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Course Objectives ›

At the end of this course, participants should be able to understand the following:

  • Different types of data
  • Statistical Process Control Concepts
  • The Normal Distribution
  • Process Capability Studies
  • Cp and Cpk Measures
  • Control, variables and attributes charts
  • Analysing Charts for Information
  • Implementing SPC;
  • Quality Improvement

Course Outline ›


Session 1: Introduction

  • Why SPC
  • What is SPC
  • Basic Principles
  • Variation


  • Constructing a frequency histogram
  • How to describe a histogram
  • What histograms can tell you
  • Applications of histograms


  • The relationship between histograms & control chart
  • Where to apply control chart
  • What control chart can tell you
  • Types of control chart
  • Benefits of control chart
  • Exercise on charting


  • Using variable charts that are already set up
  • Interpreting the charts
  • How to respond to the out-of-control point
  • Setting up average & range charts
  • Role definition
  • The advantages & disadvantages of variable chart


  • Steps in construction of attribute chart
  • The advantages & disadvantages of attribute chart
  • Process control charts for attribute
  • Exercise


  • Control Vs. capability
  • Capability ratio
  • Capability indexes
  • Process capability judgement
  • Predicting the percent yield of a process
  • Strategy for improving Cpk
  • Exercise

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