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By TED Integrated
Customer Service:

Excellence Customer Service for Branch Staff

“While product technical skills and knowledge can be acquired and passed on easily, the high-touch human relations skills element has a lot to do with one’s attitude and personality.”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Excellence Customer Service for Branch Staff
Training Category:
Soft Skills
Target Audience:
This training is designed for executive and mid-management levels, particularly those considered as the frontline of the organization who interact with customer groups from all levels in and out of the organization.
2 Days
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  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
  • Reading Materials
  • Role Play
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Course Introduction ›

Working in a mid-management role can be overwhelming and challenging, especially in a service-oriented organization that thrives on excellent service delivery.

One is expected to be well versed with products technical skills and knowledge while delivering the best human interactions to end-users. In other words, being high-tech with a high-touch disposition. While product technical skills and knowledge can be acquired and passed on easily from one to another, the high-touch human relations skills element has a lot to do with one’s attitude and personality. And these too, can be learned.

This 2-day program is designed for these personnel. Participants will learn, and re-learn, that to be exceptional in their careers they have to be exceptional in both the technical and human relations aspects of their job. We ensure participants are able to adopt, adapt and implement what they acquire in the training to their jobs, while enjoying the learning experience.

Course Objectives ›

After the program, among other skills, participants should be able to:

  • Present themselves professionally ~ courteously, politely & pleasantly, to end-users;
  • Project exceptional service mind-set and culture at the work place;
  • Communicate with others more confidently;
  • Apply service language when communicating through the various modes i.e. telephone, face-to-face, internet and mobile applications;
  • Take responsibility and be accountable over any matters referred to them;
  • Motivate their colleagues and they themselves for self-improvement & career development as well as to work well even under pressure.

Course Outline ›


You in the organisation chain

  • Understanding the functions of a branch support team
  • What makes your team successful
  • Adopting RESPECT

Your organization's Service Experience

  • What do YOU want it to be?
  • The ripple effect - do unto others and ...
  • Understanding the retail financial service expectation

Customer Service basics

  • What and who are our customers?
  • Empathy vs. Sympathy in delivering excellent service
  • Good service, Excellent service
    • Initiative, Innovative & Informative

The 4 P's & 3 E's of an exceptional service professional, the what and how-to:

  • Professionalism
  • Pleasant personality
  • Proficient
  • Punctual
  • Efficient & Effective
  • Empathetic
  • Energetic

Communication, the root of exceptional service

  • What makes and breaks communication
  • The cost of miscommunication
  • Service language
    • Over the phone, face-to-face, e-mail & snail mail, mobile applications

Listening is not just with your ears

  • Active Listening, matching sight to sound
  • Asking questions, the key to active listening
    • Applying the 5 W(ives) & 1 (Husband)
    • CARESS, the how-to in asking questions

Handling difficult situations

  • The personalities involved
  • Customers are always right yet you can still say 'No'. Really?
  • Being firm is not rude!

Manage self, then manage others

  • Self-motivation, what moves you into action
  • Setting the right goals
  • Stress busters

Design your Personal Service Level Agreement @ Action Plan (What next & How-to)

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