Chemical Management Training: 2 Days

Chemical Management Training Course Chemical Management Training
By Mohaan
Environmental Safety & Health:

Hazardous Chemical Management

“Be trained for the know-how of hazardous chemical management.”


Master Degree in Safety Engineering • PSMB Certified Trainer
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Course Title:
Hazardous Chemical Management
Training Category:
Health & Safety
Target Audience:
State and local health and environmental agency personnel, and any professional engaged in the management of hazardous substances.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

Many industries involve chemical management. Be it the manufacturing of chemical product or chemical as the additive for production. A comprehensive chemical management program should be in place for workplace that manages hazardous chemical. In order for workplace personnel to manage hazardous chemical safely, he or she should be trained for the know-how of hazardous chemical management.

This course provides the exposure of safe hazardous chemical management. Participants will be exposed to the basic of knowing what chemical is and their range of characteristics, what are the legal compliances in chemical management, best practices of use and disposal of chemical and its impact to health and safety. They will also be introduced to the emergency response that involved in hazardous chemical management.

Course Objectives ›

The objectives of this course as follows:

  1. To achieve overview understanding of hazardous chemical for participants.
  2. Understanding the legal requirement for hazardous chemical.
  3. Demonstrate the ability in identifying a hazardous chemical and its characteristic.
  4. Interpretation of chemical date sheet and reactivity matrix.
  5. Understand the process of safe storage and handling of hazardous chemical.
  6. Understand the health implication and requirement of exposure monitoring.
  7. Knowing the method of reporting and record keeping.

Course Outline ›


Defining chemical

  • What is hazardous and nonhazardous chemical?
  • Important of hazardous chemical management.
  • Types of hazardous chemical and its hazards.

Acts and regulations of hazardous chemical:

  • Overview of legal compliance in Malaysia and globally.
  • Classification, labelling and safety data sheet.
  • Use and standard of exposure of chemical hazardous to health.
  • Control of industrial major accident hazards

Hazardous chemical inventory:

  • Chemical register
  • Safety data sheet
  • Chemical reactivity matrix.
  • Product stewardship program.

Storage and handling:

  • Storage and incompatibility
  • Handling process - issuance to disposal.

Labelling and relabeling:

  • Labelling of packaging
  • Re-labelling of packaging or repackaging

Hazardous Chemical signage:

  • Signage requirement
  • Facility wide signage
  • Storage unit signage
  • Transit unit signage
  • Work unit signage

Management of Change:

  • Change in chemical usage.
  • Change in chemical storage area.
  • Introduction of new chemical.

Information and training

  • Hazard communication.
  • Training need identification.
  • Train and re-train.

Hazardous chemical risk assessment and control:

  • Identification of work units and chemical hazards
  • Selection of work units
  • Assessing exposure
  • Assessing control measure.

Exposure control measure:

  • Hierarchy of control.
  • Chemical handling during operation.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Mechanical control.
  • Provision of personnel protective equipment (PPE)

Exposure monitoring:

  • Exposure monitoring program
  • Monitoring system & calibration
  • Sampling strategy
  • Personnel and area monitoring
  • Sample analysis
  • Personnel report and records.

Health surveillance program:

  • Biological monitoring
  • Medical surveillance
  • Medical removal protection and return to work program.

Hazardous chemical waste management:

  • Generation of chemical waste.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Characteristic and reactivity changes.
  • Storage and disposal.

Emergency response:

  • General recovery
  • Decontamination effort
  • Personnel and equipment/system readiness.
  • Reporting emergency occurrence.

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