jQuery Programming Course: 5 Days

jQuery Programming Training Course jQuery Programming Course
By TED Integrated
Web Development:

Introduction to jQuery

“Offer compelling user experience with this powerful JavaScript framework library!”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Introduction to jQuery
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Information Technology
Target Audience:
This 5-day comprehensive jQuery training is right for those developers with good backgrounds on JavaScript who want to master jQuery for their compelling web application development needs.
5 Days
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Jan 2019 ›
TED Learning Centre, Binjai 8 Premium SOHO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 21 Jan 2019 - Fri 25 Jan 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

As the internet and mobile device technologies emerged, cross-platform apps development capability has become a vital need to many IT and software companies for them to stay competitive. In view to this reason, jQuery has played a very important role in this aspect as a cross-browser JavaScript-based library for rapid web application development. Many businesses want to deliver more powerful online apps to their users that are not only cross-platform but also run faster, more dynamic and feature rich with lesser round-trip requests back to the server – when the power has been shifted to the client web browser with jQuery, the web server will be more relief and has more resources to serve more users with more service options.

For web developers and those who are familiar with JavaScript in particular, jQuery is a powerful programming tool that helps them to offer compelling user experience, such as event handling, AJAX, HTML DOM and CSS manipulations for special effects. Just as CSS separates "display" characteristics from the HTML structure, jQuery separates the "behaviour" characteristics from the HTML structure to achieve cleaner, more readable and maintainable codes for higher productivity.

Course Objectives ›

After completing this 5-day jQuery training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand what jQuery is and how it works.
  • Dynamically manipulate HTML Document Object Model (DOM) with jQuery.
  • Work with event handling.
  • Achieve special visual effects and animation with jQuery.
  • Use jQuery built-in utility Functions.
  • Work with AJAX using jQuery.
  • Use jQuery widgets, such as Accordion, Slider, and more.

Prerequisites ›

Familiar with JavaScript, HTML document object model and CSS.

Course Outline ›


Chapter 1: Essential jQuery

  • About jQuery
  • Getting Started with jQuery
  • Selecting Page Elements by ID
  • Selecting a Set of Elements
  • Selecting Elements by Style
  • Running Code When a Page Is Ready
  • Selecting the First of a Set of Elements
  • Showing and Hiding Page Elements
  • Selecting One of a Set of Elements
  • Specifying Elements in a Hierarchy
  • Creating Visual Effects
  • Creating New HTML Elements

Chapter 2: Selecting Elements the jQuery Way

  • Selector Examples
  • Meeting the Selectors
  • Selecting Direct Descendants
  • Selecting First and Last Children
  • Selecting the Nth Child
  • Selecting Elements with Specific Text
  • Selecting Elements by Attribute
  • Selecting Elements by Attribute Value
  • Checking the Type of Matched Elements
  • Selecting Elements by Position
  • Examining Checked Boxes and Radio Buttons ? Examining Elements That the User Selected

Chapter 3: Working with Elements the jQuery Way

  • Function Examples
  • Looping over Elements in a Wrapped Set
  • Reading Attribute Values
  • Setting Attribute Values
  • Rewriting Elements' HTML
  • Rewriting Elements' Text
  • Appending Content to Elements
  • Moving Page Elements
  • Setting Element Width and Height
  • Wrapping Elements
  • Inserting Elements
  • Editing the value Attribute

Chapter 4: Working with Events

  • Event Handling in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Binding an Event Handler to an Event
  • Binding Multiple Event Handlers
  • Binding Event Handlers Using Shortcuts
  • Calling Event Handlers Only Once
  • Unbinding Event Handlers
  • Using the Event Object
  • Getting Mouse Coordinates
  • Getting the Event Type
  • Capturing Keystrokes
  • Capturing Hover Events
  • Getting Event Targets

Chapter 5: Visual Effects and Animation

  • jQuery Visual Effects Overview
  • Showing and Hiding Page Elements
  • Showing and Hiding Elements with Duration
  • Toggling Element Visibility
  • Toggling Element Visibility with Duration
  • Fading Elements Out
  • Fading Elements In
  • Sliding Elements Up
  • Sliding Elements Down
  • Toggling Sliding Operations ? Partially Fading Elements
  • Creating Custom Animation

Chapter 6: The jQuery Utility Functions

  • Examples of jQuery Utility Functions
  • Looping over Object Members with $.each( )
  • Determining Browser Type with $.browser
  • Customizing HTML by Browser Type
  • Checking Browser Support for Specific Features ? Creating Arrays
  • Searching an Array
  • Filtering an Array
  • Eliminating Duplicate Elements from Arrays
  • Checking Whether Data Is an Array
  • Mapping an Array
  • Trimming Text

Chapter 7: Jumping into Ajax

  • About Ajax
  • Working with Ajax the Standard Way
  • Using jQuery load( ) to Implement Ajax
  • Using Callbacks with the load( ) Function
  • Passing Data to the Server
  • Passing Form Data to the Server
  • Using $.post( ) to Send Data to the Server
  • Using the jQuery $.get( ) Function
  • Using $.get( ) to Send Data to the Server

Chapter 8: Using the Full Power of Ajax

  • About $.ajax( )
  • Using $.ajax( )
  • Using $.ajax( ) to Post Data to the Server
  • Using $.ajax( ) to Get Data from the Server
  • Handling Ajax Errors
  • Handling Ajax Timeouts ? Handling XML
  • Handling Ajax Events Globally

Chapter 9: Using the jQuery Widgets

  • About Working with Widgets
  • Creating Accordion Widgets
  • Creating Date Picker Widgets
  • Creating Dialog Widgets
  • Getting Data from Dialog Widgets
  • Creating a Progress Bar Widget
  • Creating a Slider Widget
  • Creating a Tab Widget
  • Adding Tabs to a Tabs Widget

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