XML Programming Course: 5 Days

XML Programming Training Course XML Programming Course
By TED Integrated
Web Development:

Introduction to XML

“Learn how to use this powerful markup language for just about anything.”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Introduction to XML
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Information Technology
Target Audience:
Those web developers who are familiar with HTML and would like to take advantage of XML for their business application development.
5 Days
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Course Introduction ›

XML or Extensible Markup Language, while based on the same parent technology of HTML, is designed to better handle the task of managing information for the growing needs of modern internet. As the name implies, it helps to extend the limitation of structured HTML by allowing user-defined tags and elements that better define your business data. With XML, it allows you to stream your business data over to internet much easily and manipulated (or formatted) at the client web browser.

While XML demands a bit more attention to begin with, the benefits of using it are tenfold. Starting with a text editor, participants will learn how to use this powerful markup language for just about anything they require: From using XSLT to XPath, to DTD, and defining XML schemas.

Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the syntax of an XML document
  • Apply formatting and validation to XML documents
  • Apply best usage practices for their XML projects

Prerequisites ›

  • Know how to create and edit text files using a text editor
  • Familiar with web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Know how to code in HTML.

Course Outline ›


General XML

  • ?General XML Rules
  • Elements, attributes, values
  • Predefined entities


  • Transforming XML with XSLT
  • Creating a root template

Xpath patterns and expressions

  • Locating nodes
  • Selecting nodes
  • Location paths

Xpath functions

  • Comparing numbers
  • Formatting numbers
  • Extracting substrings


  • Creating XSL-FO document
  • Defining pages templates
  • Using XSLT to create XSL-FO


  • Working with DTDs
  • Defining elements
  • Defining and restricting attributes

DTD Notation & Entities

  • Creating a general entity
  • Creating and embedding unparsed data

Validation using DTD

  • Creating external DTDs
  • Validating XML data against a DT

XML Schema Basics

  • Beginning an XML Schema
  • Associating schemas
  • Annotating schemas

Defining simple types

  • Using data & time types
  • Using number types
  • Deriving custom simple types

Defining complex types

  • Complex type basics
  • Creating choices
  • Defining named model groups

XML Namespaces

  • Designing a namespace name
  • Declaring a default namespace
  • Labeling elements

Using XML Namespaces

  • Populating an XML namespace
  • XML schemas, documents and namespaces
  • Namespaces and DTDs

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