Hazardous Chemicals Management Training

Hazardous Chemicals Management Training Course Hazardous Chemicals Management Training
By TED Integrated
Chemical Safety:

Managing & Handling Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals

“Acquire the targeted knowledge and become knowledgeable and competent in handling chemical and spillage at workplace.”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Managing & Handling Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals
Training Category:
Health & Safety
Target Audience:
All level of relevant employees.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

The practices of occupational safety and health (OSH) have become more rampant in today's business environment. A concern management will always emphasize on OSH at relevant workplace especially in handling or managing toxic as well as hazardous chemical. Since workplace is full of all types of chemicals, the proper handling of chemical will ensure effective use of such material and compliance to legal requirements.

Understanding proper management and handling of toxic as well as hazardous chemical will enable company to eliminate chemical hazard at workplace, including eliminating occupational disease that associated to chemical exposure. Thus this program will ensure all participants will acquire the targeted knowledge and become knowledgeable and competent in handling chemical and spillage at workplace.

Course Objectives ›

  • To learnt and understand 3 methods (root of entry) of a chemical can enter into human body.
  • To learn diseases associated to exposure to toxic and hazardous chemical at workplace and implementing the hierarchy of control.
  • To assist all participant in understanding the use of Safety Data Sheet and chemical register.
  • To learn the legal requirements under USECHH Regulation 200 and CLASS Regulation 2013 in order to ensure total compliance to toxic and hazardous chemical safety requirements.
  • To learn method in handling, storage and disposal of toxic and hazardous chemical at workplace and to develop as well as maintain chemical register at workplace.

Course Outline ›


Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Employer's Duties and Responsibilities
  • Employee's Duties and Responsibilities
  • Common Duties and Responsibilities
  • Factory & Machinery Act 1967 and its Regulations
  • CLASS Regulation 2013
  • USECHH 2000 Regulations
  • Activity 1 - Video

Module 2

  • Chemical Hazard at workplace
  • Route of entry
  • Effect of chemical hazards
  • Occupational diseases related to chemicals

Module 3

  • Managing Toxic - legal perspective Purchasing,
  • Requirements under CLASS Regulations
  • Signage
  • Labels
  • Storage Are
  • Records Control
  • Requirements under USECHH Regulations
  • Requirement for CHRA
  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Chemical Register
  • Activity 4 - Developing Chemical Register

Module 4

  • Understanding SDS
  • Hazards of chemical
  • Route of entry
  • Emergency Response
  • Special Requirements
  • Disposal of waste
  • Activity 5 - Need to wear PPE?

Module 5

  • Developing HIRADC for Chemical
  • Hazards
  • Impact
  • Probability
  • Risk Value
  • Control Element
  • Activity 5 - Developing HIRADC

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