English Communication Essentials for Business

English Communication for Business Training Course English Communication for Business
By TED Integrated
Linguistic Skills:

English Communication Essentials for Business

“Equips participants with basic grammar understanding and usage, business vocabulary, writing essentials and presentation skills that can be transferred to the workplace.”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
English Communication Essentials for Business
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Soft Skills
Target Audience:
This workshop is especially for participants who need:
  • An understanding of basic English grammar and usage
  • An awareness of errors that they commonly make and the correct forms
  • To write clear, concise and effective business documents
  • To understand the basics and essentials for effective presentations
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

English is a necessity for all business organisations, be it dealing with customers, superiors or talking to office counterparts, a good language foundation is essential. Therefore, it is imperative that staff should be equipped with adequate language skills in order to communicate in a clear, confident and persuasive manner. This two day workshop equips participants with basic grammar understanding and usage, business vocabulary, writing essentials and presentation skills that can be transferred to the workplace.

Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this program, the participants should be able to understand and/or perform the following:

  • Grammar Essentials
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing Essentials
  • Writing Business English
  • Why Presentation Skills
  • Preparation of Content
  • Getting Correct Content
  • Your Delivery System
  • Overcoming Nervousness
  • Visual Support
  • Delivery
  • Fine Tuning

Course Outline ›


Grammar Essentials

  • The eight parts of speech
  • Articles(a/an/the)
  • Prepositions
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Punctuations
  • Present tenses (present simple, continuous, perfect)
  • Past tenses (simple past, past continuous, past perfect)
  • Future tense (will, going to, will be, will have done)
  • Conditionals (if you go, if you went, if you had gone)
  • Model verbs (shall, should, ought to, can, could, may, must, have to, need to)
  • Active VS Passive Voice


  • Identifying words
  • Strategies to increase your vocabulary
  • Matching vocabulary (words and phrases) to situational requirements

Writing Essentials

  • Introduction to the 5 C's of good writing
  • Sentence type and structure
  • Writing effective sentences and developing paragraphs
  • Use of connecters and linking words
  • How to construct clear and effective paragraphs
  • Using the "KISS" method - eliminating redundancies, ambiguity and wordiness
  • Use of Courteous and Positive Language
  • Common errors and mistakes in writing

Writing Business English

  • Learn the formats and structures used in current business writing
  • Know your audience and purpose for writing
  • Understanding audience needs, "POV" and anticipating objections
  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Understanding "ACT" - Approach, Content and Tone
  • A.I.D.A. framework for persuasive writing
  • Structures for writing memos, e-mails and letters
  • Writing effective sentences & developing paragraphs
  • Exercises on writing (work related)
  • Exercise on proof-reading, polishing and editing

Why Presentation Skills

  • Presentation Defined
  • Benefits Of Good Presentation Skills Needed

Preparation of Content

  • Focus Who & Where
  • Audience Analysis
  • Focus The Content

Getting Correct Content

  • Benefits, Facts, Personal Experiences
  • Recommendation, POV Outline

Your Delivery System

  • Visual & Vocal Projections
  • The Eyes

Overcoming Nervousness

  • Rehearsal
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Mental Visualization

Visual Support

  • Types Of Visual Support
  • Visual Styles
  • Add Effectiveness to Your Presentation


  • Dress & Personal Presentation
  • Body Language
  • Stories, Anecdotes
  • Handling Questions
  • Closing/ Summarising

Fine Tuning

  • Checklist For Delivering an Effective Presentation
  • Workshop participants will deliver a short, videotaped presentation under the direction of our expert trainers who will provide immediate and constructive feedback that focuses on the participants strengths while addressing weaknesses. Trainers will share critical insights that trainees can immediately incorporate into their presentations.

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