Organizational Culture: Work Gamification

Organizational Culture: Work Gamification Training Course Organizational Culture: Work Gamification
By Arthur Carmazzi
Organizational Culture Management:

Gamification & Technology to Create a High Performance Culture

“You can have fun at work”

By Arthur Carmazzi

Founder of Directive Communication Psychology • Best Selling Author • World's Top 10 Thought Leader
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Course Title:
Gamification & Technology to Create a High Performance Culture
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Human Resource Management
Target Audience:
This program is designed for department heads, managers, senior management and their teams. The ideal group would be one manager and 3 members from their team in the same organization. This group will allow the team to solve relevant problems they are facing through the game creation process so when they leave, the team will be able to immediately implement it to solve the specific issues.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

Demystifying the emotional foundations of fun... and how and why we can enjoy work more, achieve more, and be more passionate at work though work gamification. When performance measurement, technology, and human connection and understanding come together, organizational culture is drastically affected… and when this is all systematized with work goals, performance skyrockets.

This session is not just a learning journey, participants of this result focused workshop will have created a fully gamified work process system by the end of the program. This participant created gamified work process will support one or more departments to achieve goals defined by participants and be ready for implementation as soon as they get back to their organizations. The entire work gamification process creation is designed from desired culture elements and values to speedily motivate their implementation in the organization's culture and get fast visible results in engagement and performance.

Course Objectives ›

  • Learn why we should gamify work
  • Apply engagement psychology to work gami?cation
  • Understand the motivating factors that make work fun
  • Learn and apply creative problem solving to identify gami?cation opportunities
  • Learn and apply Gami?cation structure
  • Improve productivity, learning and engagement through gami?cation.

Course Outline ›


The Science of Motivation & Gamification

  • What is gamification?
  • The psychology of engagement
  • How technology has been affecting organizational culture
  • The Motivating factors that make work fun

Use of Technology & Gamification to improve people related problems

  • How Clarity and Communication affect productivity and synergy
  • How much technology is effective to create a PEOPLE Centered culture
  • Activities that support Productivity and Behavior Change
  • Successful technology augmentation for engagement

Connecting Fun to Measurement & Results

  • Setting each other up for success
  • Using gamification to solve problems
  • Game elements for crafting organizational culture
  • Creating a culture to support Group Success while having fun

Playing Game... Performencia Game to develop tangible, implementable Work Gamification Processes

Participants will go on a journey through the world of Performanceia (a land that develops higher levels of performance and passion). With passports in hand, participant teams start in Goal Land to identify and re?ne their objectives and problems to solve using gami?cation on this life size map. Like real life, there are obstacles they must overcome and communication, compromise and association that must occur before they can complete this ?rst step.

RESULT to Achieve: Create a customized gamified work process to support custom objectives.

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