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Mind Mapping Training Course Mind Mapping Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Thinking Skills:

Mind Mapping: A Practical Approach to Problem Solving & Creative Thinking

“Challenge you to think through common and less common problems using a structured problem-solving process to generate new and original solutions.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Course Title:
Mind Mapping: A Practical Approach to Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
Training Category:
Soft Skills
Target Audience:
  • Individuals who would like to learn a practical tool to help them to be more effective and efficient at work
  • Anyone who is interested in unleashing (or simply finding) their creativity.
  • Anyone who is currently facing a business problem and/or who wants to know how to solve problems in a structured and well-thought through way

2 Days
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Jun 2020 ›
The Hub, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Thu 18 Jun 2020 - Fri 19 Jun 2020
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

This 2-day Mind Mapping: A Practical Approach to Problem Solving & Creative Thinking is a training program brought to you Knowledge Hub Asia. Participants will learn how to apply Mind Mapping Techniques on almost every aspect of their work to generate new and orignal solutions.

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Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Present information in an organized and easy to follow format
  • Enhance creativity through the promotion of free thinking
  • Aids problem solving by bringing all of the information together from differing sources to one page
  • Maximize the thinking potential of the brain by utilizing a visual structure
  • Consolidate and access information
  • Be able to read and produce mind maps
  • Know how to use mind maps to brainstorm, plan and prioritize, take and make notes, and present information
  • Implement an efficient structure - Mind Maps are a good way to plan and structure projects, presentations, writing and other business tasks
  • Present information using mind maps as a communication tool
  • Discover how the problem solving process works and how to use it to solve a range of everyday business challenges
  • Learn and apply practical creative problem solving techniques in order to generate new and original solutions

Course Outline ›



  • The Left and Right Brain Hemispheres
  • Understanding Our Creative Minds
  • How to achieve a higher level of creativity
  • Your brain - discover how the structure and functions of the brain is mirrored by the design of a Mind Map
  • Word Association
  • Creative Activity: Making Associations


  • What is a Mind Map?
  • The Benefits of Mind Mapping
  • Mind Mapping Uses
  • How to Read Mind Maps
  • Mind Map examples
  • The Laws of Mind Mapping
  • Opportunities to practice Mind Mapping: Personal & business challenges


  • Note taking in meetings and workshops
  • Practice your Mind Mapping Skills - with a range of note-making, note-taking and learning applications.
  • Preparing Presentations
  • Designing the structure
  • Using mind mapping to sequence and structure your materials
  • Practice
  • Group Mind Mapping: Putting it all together
    Groups will create and present a mind map on a specific chosen topic using the various creativity techniques practiced so far. Discussions and debrief establish what works and what can be improved.

BOOSTING CREATIVE POWER -Complement other brainstorming tools with mind mapping

  • Comparing & contrasting
  • Sequences & Patterns
  • Express complex arguments and abstract concepts as diagrams
  • Concept Frame - Mind Map Exercise


  • Defining problem solving
  • Using Maps For Precision Thinking & Solving
  • Break down broad questions into specific bite sized The Five Whys
  • Collecting the Facts
  • Conducting the Analysis
  • Create models to guide analysis, communications and implementation


  • Generating solutions using mind maps

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