Python Programming Course: 2 Days

Python Programming Training Course Python Programming Course
By TED Integrated

Introduction to Python Programming

“Get started with the popular Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence programming language -- Python!”

By TED Integrated

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Course Title:
Introduction to Python Programming
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Information Technology
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Beginners as well as experienced developers who are interested in learning powerful programming language that helps in developing machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence applications.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

This basic Python programming training teaches participants the skills they need to design, build, and test console-based object-oriented applications using various data structures, file IO, exception handling and debugging.

Course Objectives ›

After completing this 2-day Python programming training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the use of Python Language Constructs and built in Python functions.
  • Use data structures like Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples etc.
  • Use control statements like if, while, for, range, break and continue etc.
  • Create user defined functions. Passing parameters. Use of Global and return statement.
  • Create modules, use of namespace, loading modules, creating package, using built in modules etc.
  • Perform File I/O operations (read/write, search for data from input files).
  • Understand and use Object oriented concepts like classes, objects, inheritance, multiple inheritance.
  • Understand the role of exceptions, built in exceptions, creating and working with exception handling.
  • Use the built-in tools like debugger and distribution utilities.

Prerequisites ›

Good in any programming language.

Course Outline ›


1. General Python Introduction

What is Python? Usage of Python in real world? Python in interactive mode. Overview of Data Analytics/Machine learning.

2. Using the Interpreter

How to create Python scripts, how to run Python programs, Command line options, Using modules interactively and in scripts.

3. Types and operators

Numbers, Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Files, General object properties, Python's type hierarchies. Immutable and non-immutable concepts.

4. Basic statements

Assignment, Expressions, Print, If selections, Python syntax rules, Truth tests, While loops, Break, continue, pass, and the loop else, For loops, 'range' and counter loops

5. Functions

Function basics, Scope rules in functions, more on 'global', More on 'return', More on argument passing (default arguments, variable number of arguments, passing dictionary as parameters), Iterators and their usage


1. Modules

Module basics, Module files are a namespace, Name qualification, Import variants. Reloading modules. How to create modules. Packages. Understating LEGB rule for name resolution.

2. Classes

Class Basics, Using the class statement, Using class methods, Customization via inheritance. Specializing inherited methods, Operator overloading in classes, OOP: inheritance and composition. Multiple inheritance.

3. File I/O

How to work with files? Reading and writing Data. Seek and Tell file positions. Building application.

4. Exceptions

Exception basics. Exception keywords (try, except, raise, finally). Building applications using existing exceptions. Creating user defined exceptions.

5. Built-in tools overview

Using the pdb module to debug scripts. How to distribute python scripts using distutils

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