8D Problem Solving Training: 2 Days

8D Problem Solving Training Course 8D Problem Solving Training
By Peak Success Abundance
8D Problem Solving:

8D Problem Solving Training

“Allows the engineering and work teams to analyze problems and come with corrective and preventive actions.”

By Peak Success Abundance

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Course Title:
8D Problem Solving Training
Training Category:
Manufacturing Operations
2 Days
Target Audience:
Process engineers, Line supervisors, Buyers, Planners, Managers, Process technicians, QA Inspectors, Inspection operators, Line leaders and Suppliers.
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Course Introduction ›

This 8 Discipline based problem solving training uses tools to enhance knowledge and skills in addressing process related problems and issues based on management business directives. It allows the engineering and work teams to analyze problems and come with corrective and preventive actions. The activities are well documented in line with ISO 9000 standards.

Course Objectives ›

To enhance knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Understand and use the 8D process.
  • Understand the phases of the 8D Problem Solving Process
  • Work with team spirit and contribute to a problem-solving team.
  • Apply the appropriate problem-solving tools throughout the problem-solving process.
  • Understand the purpose and objectives of each Discipline of the 8D Problem Solving Tools and Techniques.
  • Learn to apply different problem solving tools in each phase of the 8D Problem Solving Process
  • Learn to ask the 5 WHYs at the end of each phase to ensure systematic root cause analysis is done and solutions to problems are addressed.

Course Outline ›


Section 1: Refresher Topics

  • Pre Test Assessment
  • Introduction: What is 8D and its discipline.
  • Exercise 1: Problem solving tools. Discuss in group and present.
  • Becoming Aware of a Problem.
  • Why Use a Structured Problem-Solving Process?
  • Do You Need a Team?
  • The Importance of Data collection, review and analysis.
  • Overview of Different Problem-Solving Models.
  • Use a Team Approach.
  • Exercise 2: Discuss and explain how a team contributes to 8D problem solving.

Section 2: 8D Definition - Overview of 8D Steps

  • Terms & Definition
  • Application and introduction

Section 3: D1 - Introduction of the Team

Section 4: D2 - Describe the Problem

  • Ichikawa (Fishbone) diagram and Sample of 5M for Fish Bone Diagram
  • Team charter method
  • Describe problem with 5W,2H
  • New 7 QC tools

Section 5: D3 - Describe Interim Containment Actions

  • Describe the temporary actions to contain the problem and "fix" until permanent correction is in place
  • QC Tools
  • Sample of Action Plan

Section 6: D4 - Describe the Process of Defining & Verifying of Root Causes

  • Describe the 'Escape Point'
  • Some Tips to Get Started
  • Describe verification and validation method of root cause
  • Test on the escape point

Section 7: D5 - Describe the Process of Identifying & Verifying Corrective Actions

  • Tabulate & describe solutions determined to be the best of all the alternatives
  • DMAIC method

Section 8: D6 - Describe Action Plan for Corrective Actions

  • Corrective action in table format and 5W 2H format

Section 9: D7 - Describe How the Problem Can Be Prevented From Recurrence

  • Describe what improvements in systems and processes can prevent problem from recurring.
  • Poka Yoke method
  • Kaizen method and continuous improvement
  • Control methodology
  • One point lesson

Section 10: D8 - Record Recognition Accorded To the Team

  • Recognition to the team
  • Exercise 3: Action plans and execution in 1 month.

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