Procurement Contract Management Training

Procurement Contract Management Training Course Procurement Contract Management Training
By Roy Goh
Contract Management:

Procurement Contract Management

“Learn about commercial contracts: from effective negotiation to effective drafting.”

By Roy Goh

Bachelor of Law (Hons) • Certificate in Contract Law
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Course Title:
Procurement Contract Management Training Category:
Business Management Duration:
2 Days Target Audience:
This workshop will be essential use to:
  • Heads/ Directors/ General Managers/ Managers of Procurement/ Purchasing who wish to sustain and broaden procurement’s impact on business performance
  • Senior executives/ Executives of Procurement who wish to review best practice as regards procurement’s remit and modus operandi, and to understand what thee pre-requisite are for procurement contract negotiations to be successful
  • Procurement practitioners who wish to expand and strengthen their negotiating skills in order to increase their personal effectiveness
  • Heads/ Directors/ General Managers/ Managers/ Executives of Contract Management/ Contract Administrator
  • Heads/ Directors/ General Managers/ Managers/ Executives of Legal/ Legal Affair/ Legal Counsel
  • Any officers who write and monitor procurement contract
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Oct 2019 ›
Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 21 Oct 2019 - Tue 22 Oct 2019
8:30AM - 5:30PM

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Course Introduction ›

The ability to draft and amend commercial contracts is an indispensable skill that few business people are actually trained in. The misconception is that the company’s legal counsel or external counsel will handle all “legal” matters yet, it is often business units who themselves negotiate and then draft the commercial terms which eventually form the basis for legal rights and obligations on contracts and agreements. Without a comprehensive understanding of how typical “boiler-plate” clauses work, the effect of key clauses or the ability to effect thoughtful drafting amendments through negotiations, companies will continue to be exposed to legal risk which are always expensive and time consuming.

This Commercial Contract course is designed to help you to understand the general principles of the law of contract that will assist you in the negotiation and formation of contracts, the interpretation of contractual terms, the examination of various events or factors, such as misinterpretation and misleading conduct, undue influence and duress, which may affect the validity or enforceability of a contract; and remedies for breach of contract. It also features certain specific areas of contract law, such as the sale of goods and consumer protection.

Our trainer will share the procurement and tendering of contracts, the backbone of companies’ fort which corporate governance is key. Companies that enhance their tendering and contract management and processes save time, money and resources.

Furthermore, this Seminar will show participants how to draft effective commercial contracts: starting from understanding how to negotiate effectively for key clauses critical for your company, to drafting clear and unambiguous clauses that will allow for effective commercial implementation.

Course Objectives ›

Participants will learn how to:

  • Master the principled negotiation technique involved in commercial contract
  • Prepare yourself effectively for commercial negotiations that may spring up during a meeting
  • Understand the role of commercial contracts in business relationships
  • Select the right vehicle for implementation in your commercial contracts
  • Adapt contract standards to suit individual needs
  • Explore tools, techniques and terminology when creating a formal commercial contract
  • Appreciate the structure and content of the commercial agreement before proceeding with negotiations
  • Ensure you use legal terminology accurately for your commercial contract

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Workshop Introduction

  • Understanding the importance of Contract Management in minimizing risk
  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a contract manager in a contract life cycle
  • Introducing Negotiation concept and its importance in contract management
  • Applying non-verbal communications and body language and its strategy in negotiation (Communication Skill and Listening Skills)

Module 2: Understanding Different Negotiation Styles

  • Understanding the key concepts of “BATNA” and “WATNA”
  • Understanding the key concepts of “ZOPA”
  • The use of negotiation to facilitate contract risk management at the initial stage
  • Understanding of the structure of a standard commercial contract

Module 3: Understanding the Contract Management Lite Cycle and Its Application Cycle

  • Guides to specification writing
  • Active Voice vs Passive Voice in contract drafting
  • Understanding the importance of drafting in plain English
  • Concepts in Drafting Contracts

Module 4: Best Practise in Contract Drafting and Its Applicability

  • Understanding the basics of law of contract (with reference to the Contracts Act 1950, Rev 1974 and Case Law)
  • The Principles of Contractual Interpretation in commercial business
  • Key terms to negotiate in a contract to gain an advantages position
  • Key practical elements to consider in a contract

Module 5: Understanding Contract Drafting For the 21st Century

  • Reviewing of Sample Standard Commercial Contract with group discussion and facilitation by the trainer (targeting on the topic of Commencement, Recital, Operative & Definitions)
  • When to use annex, appendix or schedule in a contract
  • Understanding the purpose of ADR clauses and its effect on contracts
  • Various ADR methods and its application

Module 6: Representing and Pre Contractual Statements of Facts (Pre-contractual Statements / Representation That Caught Trouble)

  • Possible consequences of misrepresentation
  • Drafting exercise and evaluation
  • One to One Contract Negotiation Role-Play (01). Evaluation by peers with the facilitation of the trainer
  • The importance of the correct choice of Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Module 7: Understanding the Importance of Various Crucial Clauses

  • Entire agreement clause, severance, waiver, termination force majeure, exclusion and limitation on liability clause
  • The doctrine of privity and how it affects contractual relationships especially in a multiple parties situation
  • Dispute resolution process and overview of the court system
  • Video clips on Mediation, Reconciliation and Mediation

Module 8: Re-enforcing On Negotiation

  • One to One Contract Negotiation Role-Play (02). Evaluation by peers with the facilitation of the trainer
  • Avoiding ambiguity in contract negotiation
  • The importance of remoteness of damages
  • Understanding the nature/ source of dispute
  • The key role of a contract manager as a mediator in facilitating dispute and conflict management

Module 9: Understanding the Conflict Resolution Theory

  • Understanding the Conflict Resolution Models
  • Understanding the nature of Mediation
  • Understanding the characteristics and goals of mediation
  • Understanding the pros and cons of mediation

Module 10: Understanding in What Situation Mediation May Not Work

  • Learning of the Mediation Process and Stages
  • Understanding the importance of problems solving in conflicting situation and dispute
  • Understanding the role of mediator at different stages
  • Video on mediation process and what to expect in a mediation

Module 11: Understanding of “Caucus or Private Session”

  • Understanding the importance of “reality test and fact finding”
  • Reviewing of sample mediation settlement agreement and group discussion

Module 12: Mediation Role-Play

  • One to One Contract Mediation Role-Play. Evaluation by peers with the facilitation of the trainer.
  • Disputing Parties + Mediator

Module 13: Understanding Frustration and Its Application

  • References to relevant case law
  • Understanding time-bar and how its effect on contacting parties (in reference to relevant case law and the limitation act)
  • Practical Process in Pre and Post Contract
  • The role Alternate Dispute Resolution plays in a commercial contract and dispute

Module 14: Negotiation Style Test

  • Knowing your negotiation style through psychometric metric test
  • Aware of your identity and how to apply into business negotiation
  • Q & A

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