5S Best Practices Training: 2 Days

5S Best Practices Training Course 5S Best Practices Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
5S & Kaizen:

5S Best Practices for Organized & Productive Workplace

“Foundation to transform productivity improvement for all organizations.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Course Title:
5S Best Practices for Organized & Productive Workplace
Training Category:
Manufacturing Operation
2 Day
Target Audience:
Production & Administrative Personnel – Line Leaders, Operators, Supervisors, and All Personnel interested in implementing 5S working culture.
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Sep 2020 ›
The Hub, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon 28 Sep 2020 - Tue 29 Sep 2020
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

5S is a way of working system adopted from Japanese culture which could be used as a guide to best practice in housekeeping. It is the foundation to transform productivity improvement for all organizations.

Course Objectives ›

  1. Key Benefits of 5S
  2. Better Understanding of 5S Best Practices
  3. To create the awareness among employees about the importance of 5S implementation
  4. The Importance of Roles and Responsibilities to achieve High Performing 5S Team
  5. To learn basic skill about 5S Audit
  6. HOW to apply 5S Audit & Model Line for continuous effectiveness in 5S Implementation
  7. Learn the various steps in sustaining and maintaining 5S effectively

Course Outline ›


Part 1: WHY 5S is vital and critical to Manufacturing Success and Basic Goals of System – Quality and Productivity?

Part 2: Understanding of 5S Best Practices

  • Seiri / Sorting: Sort is the Cornerstone of 5S
    • Best Practice: Red Tag System
  • Seiton / Arranging: Labels for Everything
    • Best Practice: Labelling, Signs, Line Marking
  • Seiso / Cleaning: Cleaning is Everyone’s Responsibility
    • Best Practice: Establishing Cleaning Standards, Inspection
  • Seiketsu / Maintain: The Survival of 5S Program
    • Best Practice: Create A System of Tasks and SOP of 5S, 5S Audit
  • Shitsuke / Educate: Commitment and Motivation to Follow Each Step, Every Day
    • Best Practice: 5S Schedule, 5S Visual Board, 5S Training

Part 3: The responsibilities of the employees in 5S implementation

  • How to maintain basic condition of workplace in 5S
  • Path to develop 5S - Awareness, Training, Understanding and Execution

Part 4: 5S Audit

  • 5S Audit Scorecard and Corrective Actions
  • Core Activity: 5S Live Audit at Workplace
  • Presentation on Audit Score, Findings and Improvement Plans
  • 5S Assignments to be Implemented Immediately After Training for 30 Days

Part 5: Develop 5S Leaders

  1. 5S Steering Committee Organizational Chart; Roles & Responsibilities
  2. 5S Vision and Goal
  3. 5S Campaign for Model Lines
  4. 5S Visual Management and 5S Visual Board
  5. 5S Periodic Audit on Progress and Publish Results
  6. 5S Training: One Point Lesson
  7. 5S Leadership Training: Mindset, Habits, Visual, System, Culture
  8. 5S Competition and Reward System for 5S Best Area
  9. 5S Roadmap for Plantwide Implementation (5S Activities, Training and Audit)
  10. Develop Future / Rotating 5S Leaders for Sustainability of 5S Culture

Part 6: Live Audit at Workplace

  • Group Audit and Identify Non-Conformance Areas
  • Group Presentation and Suggestion for Improvement Plans

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