Microsoft Office Reporting Training: 2 Days

Microsoft Office Reporting Training Course Microsoft® Office Reporting Training
By Knowledge Hub Asia
Microsoft Excel Series:

Creating Amazing Business Reports Using Microsoft® Office Application Tools

“Learn how to produce professional documentation in American Psychological Association (APA) standard using Microsoft Office.”

By Knowledge Hub Asia

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Course Title:
Creating Amazing Business Reports Using Microsoft® Office Application Tools
Training Category:
Soft Skills
2 Days
Target Audience:
This course is designed for any users who wish to learn the features in Microsoft Office to create informative business reports.
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Mar 2020 ›
The Hub, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon 23 Mar 2020 - Tue 24 Mar 2020
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Introduction ›

This 2-day Microsoft Office Reporting Training allows you to learn how to create professional reports and documentations in American Psychological Association (APA) standard using Microsoft Office, which includes Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

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Course Objectives ›

  • Get the idea and guide how to manage data efficiently and more accurate
  • Understand how to work with large data and manage to give up-to-date information to management
  • Understand how to produce a professional documentation such as Report and Proposal with effective using American Psychological Association (APA) standard.
  • Knowledge to create Table of Content as fast as a second.
  • Know how to prepare a good presentation with maximizing all objects by replacing texts.

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Excel For Data Management with Pivot

Lesson 1

  • Streamlining Workflow
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation

Lesson 2

  • Analysing Data Using Pivot
  • What is a PivotTable?
  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Using the PivotTable Tools Tabs
  • Adding and Removing Data
  • Changing the Field List Layout
  • Pivoting Data
  • Slicer (2010/2013/2016/2019)
  • Pivot Charts

Lesson 3

  • Excel Dashboard
  • What is Dashboard in Excel
  • Purpose

Lesson 4

  • Linking and Embedding
  • Linking Workbooks
  • Consolidating Workbooks
  • Insert Hyperlink

Module 2: Professional Documentation Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format

Lesson 1

  • APA Format - Cover Page
  • Standard Professional Documents

Lesson 2

  • Table of Content
  • Insert Table of Contents
  • Insert List of Figures

Lesson 3

  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Pictures From Drive
  • Inserting Pictures From Internet
  • Inserting Screen Clipping/Snapshot
  • How to edit Pictures
  • How to label the Pictures

Lesson 4

  • Inserting Graphs
  • How to create Graphs
  • Graphs Layout
  • How to label the Graphs

Lesson 5

  • Sections
  • Objectives to create section
  • How to create page breaks to create section
  • Page Numbering with different format

Lesson 7

  • Bibliography / References
  • How to insert Bibliography using APA format style

Module 3: Creating Creative Presentation Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Lesson 1

  • Adding Diagram to Presentation
  • How to Create Diagram such as Shapes, Charts and Tables
  • Modify Diagram

Lesson 2

  • Working with Images
  • How to Insert Pictures, Clip Art and Pictures From Web
  • Screen Clipping
  • How to remove background of Pictures
  • Cropping Images

Lesson 3

  • Inserting Multimedia Objects
  • Working with Background Music
  • How to Insert Video into slide presentation
  • How to trim the music and video to make presentation more presentable

Lesson 4

  • Smart Art
  • Choose the best Smart Art to present your idea

Lesson 5

  • Working with Animation
  • Types of Animation (Entry, Emphasize, Exit and Draw your animation)

Lesson 6

  • Inserting Special Effects
  • Effects for Videos
  • Effects for Audio

Lesson 7

  • Slide Transition
  • Insert animation transition for all slide
  • Insert animation transition for selected slide

Lesson 8

  • Slide Master
  • How to create Master Slide
  • Customize Master Slide to fit your presentation

Module 4: Interaction

Lesson 1

  • Hyperlink between Application

Lesson 2

  • Mail Merge
  • Letter
  • Report
  • Certificate
  • Envelope

Lesson 3

  • Presentation with Efficient and Accurate

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