Training Brochure Templates Pro Edition

Microsoft® Word
Training Brochure Template Pro Edition

Feature Specification


  • Professional looking design for better first impression at first glance.
  • Special highlight box on Cover Page for special promotion such as Public Training Event.
  • Easily customizable theme color and cover page background image.
  • More professional looking Trainer Profile design for higher confidence.
  • Includes full package of Basic Edition.
  • Most important information on Cover Page that enables quick evaluation and short-listing by your customers.
  • Built on the tool that you familiar with, i.e. Microsoft® Word, for easier self-customization, enhancements, and save as PDF file.
  • Generic enough to apply on most types of training courses with minimum customization, reducing Costs of Ownership without compromising visual quality.
  • Designed based on the successful format and course content structure proven by without moving away from the common industrial practice.
  • Extremely affordable price for unlimited usage to yourself or your organization.

Bundled With

  • Full package of Basic Edition.
  • Greyscale and Colored cover page background image templates.
  • Last page Trainer Profile with replaceable trainer photo.
  • Evaluation Sample as User Guide in PDF.

Content Structure

  • Cover Page
    • Background Image
    • Company Logo
    • Contact No.
    • Course Title
    • Course Duration
    • Public Training Event Information
    • Who Should Attend
    • Course Introduction
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Outline
  • Methodology
  • Trainer Profile

Who need this template & Why?

Costs • Professional Image • Sales

Designed For

  • Small and start-up training companies who want to reduce their operational costs without compromising their training brochure quality.
  • Freelance trainers who need to deliver more presentable training brochures to impress both their training partners and clients.
  • Training prvoiders of any sizes who want to overcome the need of quick delivery of training brochure in urgent circumstances without compromising their professional image and increase their deal closing rate. This is particularly important when new courses have just been acquired at the same time being urgently asked by some clients.
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