I'MTP Terms & Conditions

Internet Marketing for Training Providers (I'MTP) Terms & Conditions

Revision: OTK/IMTP/TC/4.2/20150901

1.        Acceptance of Terms.  Internet Marketing for Training Providers (hereafter known as “IMTP” or “I'MTP”) is an online Digital Marketing service provided by OTK Web Solutions ® (hereafter known as “OTK”) to all qualified freelance trainers and training providers in Malaysia (hereafter known as “members”, “users”, or “subscribers”) based on the business rules and requirements defined by OTK. By using this service, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this service. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law. OTK will not responsible for any contents published on the Internet submitted by the subscribers. However, OTK reserves the rights to reject and disapprove any contents submitted by the subscribers, including but not limited to pornographic, gambling, spamming, and illegal contents that violate both the local and international law.

2.        Other Service Terms & Policies.  The following service terms and service policies are described on their respective context printed on MalaysiaTraining.net:
  • I'MTP Subscription Plan
  • I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy
  • I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy
  • Membership Application Requirements Checklist

By submitting your I'MTP Membership Application Form to OTK, you agree to all terms and policies listed above. All affected members will be informed of any change on the above service terms and/or policies and will be given the rights to accept the change by continue the use of the service or not to accept the change by discontinue the use the service. Any breach of the above service terms & conditions, service policies, and application requirement checklist will lead to termination of your I'MTP Membership Account and will be banned from your future application or subscription to any of our services.

3.        Subscription Plans.  I'MTP Subscription Plan (hereafter known as “subscription plan”, “service plan” or “service package”) may be revised and changed from time to time for the following reasons:
  • To improve the service quality of I'MTP to its subscribers.
  • To improve the sustainability and profitability of all parties.
  • To resolve any unfair or inappropriate implementation to either OTK or the majority of its subscribers in general but not biased to any individual preferences or prejudice.
All members shall be informed of any change of I'MTP Subscription Plan and their account will be automatically upgraded to the new service terms in the event of such change. If you do not agree with the change, you deserve the rights to discontinue your subscription. The latest version of I'MTP Subscription Plan shall always be accordance to the version presented on MalaysiaTraining.net website at all time.

4.        Order Acceptance. All I'MTP membership application submissions are subject to approval by the management of OTK Web Solutions. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further evaluation and consideration. Upon membership application acceptance, an I'MTP Membership Application Approval Letter will be sent to the applicant, which may contain other additional terms and agreement agreed by both parties, namely OTK and the applicant, during the evaluation process. Applicants will be given the rights to accept the offer and other terms & conditions (if any) by making their first-time start-up prepaid payment to OTK. If the applicants do not agree with the statements stated in the I'MTP Membership Application Approval Letter, the applicants can choose to ignore the offer by not making any payment to OTK. Upon payment received, an official receipt will be sent to the applicants and the user login account to I'MTP Subscriber Central will be created within THREE (3) business days.

By subscribing to any service plan of I'MTP, subscribers are agreed to the terms and conditions of I'MTP. Any late disagreement on any items stated in the terms & conditions may cause your I'MTP membership to be disqualified with immediate effect and your remaining credit balance will be refunded.OTK reserves the rights to disqualify any members for whichever reason by refunding any remaining credit balance to the subscribers. If you terminate your I'MTP account with your total usage more than your total payment but less than the sum of your total payments plus (+) rewards, no refund will be given. Refund upon account termination will only be given when your total payment alone is more than your total usage on the day your termination is effective.

5.        Payment. First time payment upon application acceptance and subsequent top-up payments can be made through direct cash/cheque bank-in, or online fund transfer. Payment information and instructions are always available on the Contact Us page of MalaysiaTraining.net or I'MTP Service Centre at any time. An e-mail notification will be sent to the subscribers upon low balance. Payment amount must be made according to the minimum top-up value as stated in the I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy printed on MalaysiaTraining.net. However, members are allowed to make their top-up payment greater than the prescribed minimum top-up value. Late payment that causes RM0.00 or negative account balance may lead to member's account deactivation followed by account suspension as stated in item 11, Account Deactivation, Suspension & Termination.

5.1 Acceptable Payment Modes

The following payment modes are acceptable:

  • 5.1.1 Direct Cheque Bank-in Payment
    For cheque payment, a complete payment advice with the following information is required:
    • Banker's Name
    • Cheque Number (required to be retyped in payment advice for clarity)
    • Payment Amount
    • Payment Date
    • Scanned copy of bank-in slip

    NOTE: if we fail to receive your payment advice with cheque number within THREE (3) business days after the bank clearance, we will issue the payment receipt to you right away without having the cheque number as the reference number. Any request for regeneration of receipt after the first issuance will cost you a RM5.00 penalty to be deducted from your I'MTP account balance.

  • 5.1.2 Direct Cash Bank-in Payment
    For cash payment, a complete payment advice with the following information is required:
    • Payment Amount
    • Payment Date
    • Scanned copy of bank-in slip
  • 5.1.3 Online Banking Fund Transfer Payment
    For online fund transfer, a complete payment advice with the following information is required:
    • Genuine Online Fund Transfer Receipt in PDF file format generated from banking's website
6.        Online Application Access. All subscribers are required to have a Google Gmail account in order to login to I'MTP Service Centre that hosted on Google Blogger platform. If your Gamil account is deleted, suspended, or terminated, your I'MTP account will no longer be accessible. Valid subscribers are authorized to access to I'MTP Service Centre according to the table shown below:

I'MTP 1.0 Free Account
(Obsolete / Discontinued)
I'MTP 3.0 Professional Account
(Obsolete / Discontinued)
I'MTP Corporate Account
I'MTP Service Centre
I'MTP Professional Subscriber Office
(Obsolete / Discontinued)
I'MTP Corporate Member Office

As the applications mentioned above are made up of several third party components, including but not limited to Google ® Blogger , Facebook and JotForm, OTK will not responsible for any access and/or functional failure caused by the said components.

7.        Information Submission & Publishing. The term “profile” refers to “company profile” for Corporate Subscription Plan subscribers. The term “course proposal” may also refer to “course outline”, “course content”, “course attributes” or any combination of these. Information submitted by subscribers will be subject to OTK approval. Any submitted requests for account settings, profile, or course content will be notified upon rejection, approval or accomplishment. Subscribers are also required to follow the rules set by different forms for different functionality and purpose. If there are conflicts of terms and conditions between the ones stated on the application screen and the general I'MTP Terms and Conditions, the ones stated on the application screen will take precedence.

8.        Monthly Report. Previous month's Pages Performance and Usage Report will be sent to full account members at every beginning of the next calendar month. Full account members shall base on the said report to decide when to make their next top-up payment and how much they should pay of which the payment amount must not less than the minimum top-value as stated in the I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy . The usage measurement by pageview and unique pageview will be derived from Google™ Analytics report of the month. OTK will not responsible for the accuracy of the pageview figures generated by Google™ Analytics.

9.        Change of Subscription Plan. I'MTP Subscription Plan cannot be changed until the account balance reaches ZERO (0) balance and an early written notice prior to RM0.00 account balance must be sent to OTK for change of subscription plan. After receiving the notice, subscribers can then apply for another subscription plan of their choice. A maximum of TEN (10) business days is required for the re-configuration of member's account and pages published on MalaysiaTraining.net

10.        Change of Account Ownership. Subscriber account ownership cannot be changed to other person or business entity (unless otherwise permitted by OTK management), neither it can be transferred to any other party. However, Corporate Plan's account owner can appoint different secondary administrator to manage his/her I'MTP account, profile, and course content.

11.   Account Deactivation, Suspension & Termination. Both parties, namely I'MTP Member and OTK Web Solutions, have the rights to call for account termination by giving 24 hours written notice. Member's refundable credit balance (total of all time payments minus total of all time usage) will be refunded within TEN (10) working days after the receiving of the said notice.All types of bonuses awarded by OTK are not refundable and cannot be used as part of the refund. Valid banking account information must be given to OTK for a successful refund. Subscribers who have negative balance, namely amount owed to OTK upon termination, must pay for their oustanding balance within TEN (10) working days after receiving the termination notice. Legal action may be taken to against those subscribers who fail to settle their outstanding balance within the given time frame and they will be responsible for all the costs spent for such legal action. Upon termination, all related pages of the said subscriber will be deleted from the MalaysiaTraining.net website and any previously granted OTK related web applications’ access rights will be revoked. OTK will not responsible for any loss of personal data or information of the terminated subscriber upon such removal.

The following describes the scenarios that will cause an account deactivation, suspension, or termination together with its effects:
  • 11.1 Accoutn Deactivation
    • Subscriber pages will no longer show up on MalaysiaTraining.net and their account will be deactivated when the account reaches or below RM0.00 credit balance and no appropriate top-up payment has been made within TEN (10) working days . Subscriber is required to pay for the outstanding amount besides the minimum top-up payment value in order to re-activated the account.
    • Account deactivation due date is strictly not negotiable.
    • Late payment that causes floating cheque or inter-bank fund transfer on the date the account deactivation is due cannot be used as a qualified payment to re-activate the account. This also means that account deactivation will still be effective as long as the date is due BEFORE the bank/cheque clearance.
    • Payment received for account re-activation requires a minimum of FOURTEEN (14) days to the maximum of TWENTY (20) days (including weekends and public holidays) for the account to be reactivated.
    • OTK Web Solutions reserve the right to terminate a frequently deactivated account (more than once) by giving 24 hours email notice to the account owner.
  • 11.2 Account Suspension
    • Subscriber account will be suspended when the account reaches or below RM0.00 balance and no appropriate top-up payment has been made within THIRTY (30) working days. When subscriber account has been suspended, subscriber is required to pay for an additional RM50.00 processing fee besides the minimum top-up payment and the settlement of the outstanding amount. The said process fee WILL NOT be included as part of the credit balance.
    • Account suspension due date is strictly not negotiable.
    • Late payment that causes floating cheque or inter-bank fund transfer on the date the account suspension is due cannot be used as a qualified payment to un-suspend. This also means that account suspension will still be effective as long as the date is due BEFORE the bank/cheque clearance.
    • Payment received for unsuspending of account requires a minimum of THIRTY (30) days to the maximum of THIRTY FIVE (35) days (including weekends and public holidays) for the account to be unsuspended.
  • 11.3 Account Termination
    • Subscriber account may be terminated with immediate effect in the event of any dispute caused by late disagreement of any items stated in this terms & conditions and/or service policies printed on the web.
    • Subscriber account will be terminated and all related pages will be deleted when the account reaches or below RM0.00 balance and no appropriate top-up payment has been made within SIXTY (60) working days. Subscribers whose account has been terminated will have to reapply again as an entirely new member if they wish to continue with the service. However, their application approval may be subject to OTK discretion.
12.   Accountability & Responsibility. Subscribers are accountable and responsible to their own deals and offers committed to their customers and the information submitted by them for publishing on any OTK related websites or social networks. OTK held no accountability and responsibility to any losses, discrepancies, disputes, and/or legal issues caused by any business and/or financial transactions between the subscribers and the customers that they are engaging with. I'MTP may be using third party tools, components, and applications, including but not limited to Google Blogger, Google Apps, Facebook and JotForm, to serve the subscribers. OTK will not responsible for any data loss and/or security issues caused by these third party products and services. When using any of the online services provided by OTK, subscribers are also bound by these third parties’ terms and conditions.

13.   Change of Terms & Conditions. I'MTP terms and conditions may subject to change from time to time without giving any prior notice to the subscribers. However, certain change of service methods and improvements, which may or may not affect the terms and conditions, may be conveyed to the subscribers through e-mail notifications, newsletters, blog, social networks, and/or MalaysiaTraining.net website. Subscribers are free to choose whether to continue their subscription on I'MTP services whenever there is a change on I'MTP terms and conditions. The change of I'MTP terms and conditions can be noticeable through its revision number. It is also available for viewing and download through the MalaysiaTraining.net website.
15.   Limitation of Liability. In no event shall OTK Web Solutions or its suppliers be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption,) arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on OTK Web Solutions's Internet site, even if OTK Web Solutions or a OTK Web Solutions authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you.
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