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Almost all training companies and professional freelance trainers listed below are PSMB Certified Training Providers and PSMB Certified Trainers in Malaysia. Most of their courses are HRDF Claimable. Click on the training provider's name below to view their profile showing their PSMB Certificate and contact information. You can also browse through a list of courses offered by them on on the profile page itself.

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Manufacturing Operations

Environment, Health & Safety

Human Resource Management

Business Management

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Hall of Training Providers Obsolete
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We've dropped Hall of Training Providers.

Due to the design and development costs of Hall of Training Providers, we finally decided to drop it as it may introduce potential risk to us due to its complexity, not only in terms of development but also in terms of user experience. We foresee that users may end up prefer the current simplicity in looking up training providers than going through a complex tab matrix filtering user interface design.

We'll continue to enhance the current page while preserving its simplicity in enabling higher user adaptability with lower risk. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for more future updates.

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