Introducing Training Provider Profile 2.0

Introducing Training Provider Profile 2.0

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Training Provider Profile 2.0
  • Pleasant visual effects & intuitive
  • More like a report + tool than a traditional static profile
  • Insightful for market demand & provider selection
  • Request for in-house & public training on the spot
  • Browse all courses by provider

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Training Provider Profile 2.0

Antonio Ooi - Founder of OTK Web Solutions

“Your dream to browse for your desired training courses by training provider is now a reality...”

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May 2012, we introduced Course Category Browsing 2.0 Beta 2 — it was a very successful attempt indeed! Since the release of this new beta version, our I'mTP training partners began to receive more and more online public program registrations from our site visitors. More and more users began to support us by liking our Facebook Page. ...we just can't keep spamming our audiences' mailbox just to have them like our Facebook page when we also fail to impress them with something remarkably outstanding.We tell ourselves that we just can't keep spamming our audiences' mailbox just to have them like our Facebook page when we also fail to impress them with something remarkably outstanding. Although such a grounded approach in growing our Facebook fans may not be as fast as conducting the paid advertising campiagn on Facebook, we still believe that one day, we'll be able to reach the number that enough to keep our business growing steadily and healthily.

By learning through the success of our Course Category Browsing 2.0 Beta 2, we began to plan for a bigger step for our Training Provider Profile 2.0 — as we offer course category browsing by course title and course attributes, why not by training provider as well? There are times when certain customers have established a closer business relationship with their selective training provider and prefer to get on with them again for their future training needs. Therefore, our new training provider profile will be playing a very important role in helping our I'mTP members to improve their customer relationship management approach. Besides that, this new statistically informative company profile will also help the training providers to strategically plan for the publishing of their available training courses on, not only to meet the real market demand and expectations but also to maximize their ROI and profitability as a whole.

In the next section, we'll share with you those great exciting new features of our Training Provider Profile 2.0. After that, we'll show you how to get access to these profiles as some of you may be new to our website. Lastly, we'll briefly disclose to you what will be our next coming new releases that will greatly complement the short-coming of our website's usability at overall. Meanwhile, we hope that you'll also like our new Red Plaster Theme design concept, which is also being applied on our new features illustration section shown below.

Enjoy, stay conscious, and Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysian muslims! :)

The new features

Training Provider Profile 2.0 - Section A, B & C
TPP 2.0 - Section A

Get the most out of the training provider's Top 5 most wanted courses

If you're new to a specific training provider, you may not know what courses that most people go for when comes to this training provider or, when comes to certain courses, which training provider that most people prefer. This Top 5 most wanted section lists down the 5 most popular courses on this particular training provider's profile to ease your decision making process.

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TPP 2.0 - Section B

Identify training provider's major coverage and specializations at fingertips

Besides the top 5 most wanted courses, users can also view all other popular courses offered by this particular training provider right within the provider's company profile. In other words, in addition to browsing courses by category followed by course title or by course attributes, users can now browse for courses by training providers. By displaying all popular courses in groups, training consumers can easily figure out whether what they're looking for is covered by this particular training provider and hence worthwhile to continue spending time on or try another training provider instead.

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TPP 2.0 - Section C

Browse all courses offered by a specific provider while staying focus with less scrolling

As mentioned earlier, all popular courses offered by a particular training provider are grouped by training categories. Clicking on each category name will expand it with list of corresponding training courses. To avoid overwhelmed our users with long list of training programs, we've made the previously opened category automatically closed when the other category name is clicked. This will in turn help reducing the need for constant scolling.

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TPP 2.0 - Section C

Request for in-house training or register for public training all on the same profile page

Training Provider Profile 2.0: Section D - Requesting for in-house program & registering for public program

There are times when our users would like to view the training provider's company profile before deciding to approach them further by submitting their in-house training request or public program registration information. When this happens, users are always required to navigate back to the course detail page in order to perform this action. With this new version of company profile, users can now send their request right on the profile itself to complete their final task. In addition to this, finding out all available public programs from a specific training provider has never been that easy before. By simply clicking on the Register for Public Training link, users will be able to see it all and register for it without leaving the profile page. If nothing is fit, the users can just close the window and contact the training provider right away for further inquiry, whether through phone or email — all the required contact information is available on the same page.

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How to access these profiles

Quite often, even until today, we still keep receiving training related inquiries that came to us directly instead of our training providers. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to further clarify the way on how you can get access to the latest version of our training providers' company profile. At this moment, there are two ways that you can access to these profiles:

Accessing training provider's profile through course detail page

1. Through course detail page

The figure on the left shows that when viewing the course detail page of any training programs, you can simply click on the training provider's company logo to access to their company profile. The training provider's company logo is always visible right below the main course title. Note that if the training program is offered by our I'mTP Professional freelance trainer, the trainer's photo will be shown instead.

Accessing training provider's profile through category specific program listing page

2. Through specific category's program listing page

The figure on the right shows that you can actually click on the Contact [Company Name] link under the Public Program column when there is no public program available for that particular course at the moment.

Not convenient enough? See Hall of Training Providers Malaysia in the next section!

Coming up next

1. Trainer Profile 2.0

As we upgraded our I'mTP Corporate Members' profile, the trainer profile of our I'mTP Professional Members will not be left behind either. Although the expected features will be more or less the same as our Training Provider Profile 2.0, the look-and-feel may not be the same. However, it will definitely be in our Red Plaster theme.

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2. I'mTP Business Model Re-polishing

Since one month after the launching of our I'mTP service model, many improvements had been made on many aspects, including the new policy that helps our members to strategically manage the balance among their I'mTP expenditure, sales leads generation, and their deal closing rate. With the release of our Training Provider Profile 2.0 and the upcoming Trainer Profile 2.0, we foresee that there will be more training providers and independent trainers planning to join us. If we add up the Hall of Training Providers Malaysia Beta 1, the result may be double. Therefore, in order to avoid overwhelming ourselves with excessive customer support work, we need to improve the clarity of our I'mTP subscription model before we proceed to the beta development of our 'Hall of Training Providers Malaysia'.

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3. Hall of Training Providers Malaysia Beta 1

Hall of Training Providers Malaysia Beta 1 will be the most crucial and highly anticipated feature among all. It will allow our site visitors to directly access to all our training provider profiles as well as freelance trainer profiles all at one place, quickly and easily. However, we've decided to place it as the last development stage of our 2012 Roadmap for the following reasons:

  • Without enriching the member's profiles first and foremost, the Hall of Training Providers Malaysia may not be able to deliver much value to the users — easy to access but not much to see.
  • Without cleaning up our I'mTP service model, we may be overwhelmed ourselves with lots of customer support work while confusing our new clients with old policies.
  • It doesn't make sense to build this page when we only have 2 or 3 training providers on board. With the current increasing number, now is the time.

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