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“Now you can start your journey of success with greater clarity and simplicity via two simple tabs...”

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The two new tabs: Public & In-house

Get what you want in a much faster and intuitive way!

The two simple tabs: Public & In-house

Now you can let your browser automatically scoll to the Public Training Calendar section or In-house training courses section with just a single click on any of these two simple tabs.

The new public & in-house separators

Cearly separating between Public and In-house courses!

The new Public & In-house section separators

The Public Training Calendar and In-house training sections are now clearly separated with their respective section header. You can mouse-over to the Help icon indicated by a circled questionmark to learn more about what you can do on each section.

Graphical course finding suggestions

Suggestions that worth for a read & act upon!

Graphical course finding suggestions section

To sincerely suggest to you other great alternatives that may worthwhile for you to act upon, we've made a lot of improvements on the look-and-feel. We believe that this may help effectively bring those suggestions to your attention while you're searching for your desire courses on

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