Leadership Style for 21st Century

Leadership Style Training Leadership Style Training
By Dr Kamal Kenny
PSMB HRDF Claimable
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The Right Leadership Style for the Leaders of 21st Century
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Soft Skills
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Supervisors, Executives, Administrators Assistant Managers and Managers
2 Days
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Leadersip Skills:

The Right Leadership Style for the Leaders of 21st Century

“Help to develop and adopt the right leadership styles that will propel you to greater heights in all areas of their life as a Leader!”

By Dr Kamal Kenny

PhD in Gender Development • Master in Science • Degree in Social Science • PSMB TTT Exempted • HRDF Claimable
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This programme aims to help the participants develop and adopting the right leadership styles that will propel them to greater heights in all areas of their life, molding them into more balanced and positive individuals. This programme shall focus on the concept of enhancing the right leadership style for the right individual in order to bring out the best in him and the organization in total.

Course Objectives

At the end of programme, participants should be able to:

  • Learn positive habits to bring out the best from an individual
  • Understand the concept and application of Leadership Styles
  • Identify ways to continuously perform at the optimal level
  • Build positive and long-lasting characteristics in the individuals
  • Effectively develop an individual emotionally, physically and spiritually

Course Outline


Defining a Leader

In this session, discover the distinguishing features of a Leader and what are the qualities of an effective Leader. Participants will also have an insight on how integrated leadership should be in every aspect of an organization to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Understanding Leadership Styles

In this session, participants will explore the various leadership styles and which style best fits their personality and the industry.

Techniques Employed by the Right Leader

In this session, participants will identify the importance of identifying the right technique to be employed by the leader of the 21st Century in bringing out the best in his team.

Effective Leadership: Tapping On Your Best Resources

In this session, discover the importance of delegating to ensure your resources are best utilized productively. It is the core duty of the supervisor to ensure proper delegation takes place to ensure overhead costs at the minimal for the company.


Result Driven: It is my team, it is my duty

Assessing the need to change in the mindset of people in accepting the importance to take ownership of his unit and to comprehend, that ultimately, the bottomline of his unit’s performance determines the perks that will come along. Participants will be asked to draw out action plans on how to execute them in his respective unit.

The need for the Leader to Use Iceberg Strategies

Participants will analyse the importance of using Iceberg strategies to leverage on key strengths of their team in ensuring that the corporate excellence of the organization is optimized.

Being the Backbone of the Your Team

Discover how leaders plays an important role in understanding the team’s issues and emotional problems. Participants will also assess the fundamental problems in human relationships.

An Overview of Leadership Styles & Organization’s Performance

Assessing back the importance of motivating your staff and keeping their morale at the highest always. Participants will also be thought the different models of leadership and how this key unlocks the problems faced by most organizations of today.

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