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Internet Marketing for Training Providers 2016

When your website alone isn't enough to attract larger diverse audiences while other directory listing websites also too big to have their visitors aware of you, what should you do? — is your answer.

  • Get your training programs listed on the 1st page of Google search result.
  • Reach over 3,500 relevant audiences through our social networks.
  • Have more audiences aware of your brand through our Population & Competition Policy.
  • Get more realistic leads with our Strategic Conversion-Driven and Mobile-Friendly web design.
  • Enjoy lower price & higher ROI as your grow in number of courses.
  • Get more talented trainers and potential training partners to join you through our Snowball program.
  • Earn FREE Bonus Credit up to 100% of your total Start-up Cost!
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Benefits Pricing How it works Apply Now

1 Drive Market Awareness

Proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Marketing techniques

2 Gain Realistic Leads

Sales convertable Online Quotation Requisition & Public Program Registration Forms

3 Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Compelling Web Design for great User Experience

4 Increase ROI & Profits

Carefully crafted member's ROI optimization policies

5 Optimize Your Business Performance

Comprehensive business optimization tools & reports

6 Improve Your Professional Image

Professional web design that well-expresses your business commitment & passion

7 FREE On-going Value Added Services

Constant improvements that never stop boosting your business performance

Drive Market Awareness

Drive Market Awareness

If you think your luck is only 1/100, then make it at least 100,000 people aware of your business — you'll no longer believe in luck.

1. Get your training programs listed on the 1st page of Google search result on 1st page of Goole search result

Picture showing two training programs offered by our two different I'MTP members get listed on 1st page of Google serch result at the same time.

Why we have so much passion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) instead of email blast? The reason is simple: In SEO, you target on audiences who are already in need as they're searching for what they want. In email blast, you blindly shoot by hoping that your email advertisements will not go into their spam folder! This is why by investing more effort on SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it allows you to gain more realistic leads, giving you higher chance to close the deal! In addition, email blast may easily trigger 'hate' among your potential customers unless you have them willingly subscribe to your newsletters. Therefore, SEO helps to protect your social relationship with your potential audiences without spamming their mailbox in a totally wrong timing with wrong topics.

2. Reach over 3,500 relevant audiences through our social networks

Major Social Networks of

Our major social networks.

As explained about the email blast earlier, wrong message that is being delivered to wrong audiences through wrong channels is totally useless. There is no point to have millions of followers in your social networks if only minority of them are truly interested and relevant to your business. For our case, those who added us in their Google+ circles are usually those who impressed about what we had been doing for the human resource development community while our 800+ LinkedIn connections are mostly those who are interested to connect with us due to the relevance of industries that we are in. Besides, those who follow us on our Facebook Page are mostly organic followers, namely they followed us simply because they're impressed with our service and content quality, not because of Facebook Ads or any other advertising channels. This type of followers are mostly loyal and less likely to unfollow your business page after sometime later. Therefore, only by keeping this principle and philosophy in mind, then only we can help driving more realistic leads to our I'MTP members without sharing irrelevant materials with irrelevant social network followers.

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2. Gain Realistic Leads

Gain Realistic Leads

Gain Realistic Leads

How we approach the customer decides how the customer responds back to us — this leads to the design philosophy of our online forms that brings you more realistic and convertable leads.

1. Speed up your deal closing rate with our strategically designed in-house training request form

Online In-house Training Request Form

Picture showing the sample of our standard in-house training request form.

To make our business running efficiently, one of the key important factors is to set the expectation right — the same goes to our online lead generation form. By objectively allowing your customers to request for quotation rather than subjectively let them to figure out what to do through a general inquiry format, we allow you to quickly understand your customer's expectation and respond to them efficiently. Sending quotation during your first business contact helps speeding up your deal closing rate unless your customers have some other special concern that may further delay their decision making process, such as course content customization. Of course, your customers may need to consider other competitors but delaying the issuance of your quotation makes the situation worse. This is how our online in-house training request form helps to address this issue.

2. Succeed your public training programs with more registered participants

Online Public Program Registration Form

Picture showing the sample of our standard public program registration form.

It's undeniable that those who registered online doesn't mean they will turn up during the training event, but at the very least, we should deliver a clear message to our site visitors that upon submitting the form, they're already the registered participants and they should make themselves present during the event start date. Upon registration, a copy of their registration information will be sent to them, informing them that their registration will be attended shortly by the training provider. If you're our I'MTP Corporate member, you can then immediately repond back to the participants with a payment advice in order for them to safely reserve their seat as well as to secure your sale.

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3. Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

There is no point to let the whole world know about our website when none of them ever think of coming back after the first visit.

1. Let us do the Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for you!

Social CRM

Social CRM may not be new, but we have our own way to do it and we do it for FREE for all our I'MTP members. Every time when your customers sent you an in-house training request or an online public program registration form, we will add them to our Google+ circles based on their area of interest. When you began to offer new courses that are relevant to their area of interest, we will share the link of your new courses with them through our Google+. As such, we will keep your customers updated of your new offers. The same goes to your new public programs. Even when you postponed your public program, all your potential customers will get notified through our social networks. This is how we take full advantage of Google and Google+ integrated feature to perform a powerful Social CRM service to our members' customers.

2. Pretty girls are always getting peeped more than once! Red Plaster Theme

It is undeniable that attractive women are always getting watched more than once — this is what that drives the design of our website. This is also the reason why packaging is so much important in the marketing perspective. No one wants to revisit a website that is not professionally well designed and compelling enough to look at unless they're being forced by the local authority. Professionally designed website isn't only help to express our respect to the eyes of our customers, it also affects the mood and emotions of the decision makers — whether to send you a training request or not. As a result, we finally came up with our sexy looking 'Red Plaster' Theme and our total revamped Home 3.0 in helping you to achieve this mission.

3. Only useful and interesting tool is being used more often!

I'MTP Leads Generation Tools

By just having a good looking website may not be enough to keep the customers coming back to us if it is not usable and user-friendly — here comes our Course Category Browsing 3.0, Training Provider Profile 2.0, Course Detail Page 2.0 and more to come! All these new versions of improvement are not only for better user experience to our site visitors, they're also our FREE on-going value added services brought to you by our I'MTP services.

4. They found you again on Google!

Google Search

For those who found your's course detail pages but have yet to send you any training request or follow us on our social networks, due to our effective SEO teachniques, we'll make them found you again when they search for other courses that may also be offered by you. This will give them a chance to try out your ability to deliver as well as to give you a chance to prove your worth!

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4. Increase ROI & Profits

Increase ROI & Profits

Increase ROI & Profits

Large number of sales lead means nothing when the cost of gaining it does not bring much profit to our members in the long run.

1. Enjoy lower price as you grow in number of courses

I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy

Although none of our existing members ever complained about our pricing, by putting ourselves into their shoes, we realized that our members' monthly usage may grow in a ridiculously large amount when their number of courses have reached almost 100. Due to the fact that the deal closing rate may vary from one member to another, our old pricing system may no longer be profitable to everyone even though their monthly leads may also be increasing. In fact, it could only be profitable to those who are very skillful in sales and customer service of which the number of them could be minor. Therefore, we came up with our perfectly designed Pricing Reduction Policy, which allows most of our members if not all, to expand their number of courses without much concern about their financial ability. In addition, by allowing them to expand their number of courses on our website, their monthly leads will be tremendously increased, which in turn enabling them to close more sales regardless of how much they concern about their selling skills or even luck. For more information about our Pricing Reduction Policy, click on the Pricing tab and look for 3. I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy.

2. We drive relevant visitors to your pages to maximize your ROI and not flooding your pages with irrelevant traffic to drain your credit balance!

I'MTP Alternate Week Course Submission Policy

Even though we charge our members by traffic (unique pageview), we won't abuse the SEO techniques by driving irrelevant visitors to your pages. This is because the result will scare our members away with high traffic cost and low business leads. This will also reflect badly on our industry image and professionalism due to not being skillful enough to drive high conversion rate (low traffic cost per lead) while also not being ethical enough to run our business with great honesty by helping our members to reduce wastage when we can. Hence, we help our members to achieve high conversion rate for greater ROI by optimizing their course contents with relevant keywords, e.g. communication skills training course instead of just communication or even communication skills. Secondly, as we're not a general directory listing site with assorted business listings from various industries, or a business article website like,, or, search engines like Google understand our website well and hence only those who include their search term with training or course keyword will be able to reach your page. This will in turn reduce your traffic cost with high relevant visitors to your pages.

3. Enjoy durable competitive advantage with our Population & Competition Control Policy!

I'MTP Population & Competition Control Policy

If subscribing to our I'MTP service is to gain you a significant competitive advantage, how can such competitive advantage be last if we allow our member population to keep growing and growing until it becomes as competitive as the real-world market? Apparently, this doesn't make sense at all and eventually become completely contradicting with our business objectives and philisophy. However, over restricting our member population will also reduce the attraction of visitors as it does not allow training consumer to have wider variety to choose from and secondly, it does not provide conveniences that allow customers to obtain enough number of quotations for decision making and approval of their purchasing department. In addition, an extremely low population will also harm the performance of our site traffic because when any one of our members left, the number of courses available on our website will be tremendously dropped. This will in turn hurting the business of other members as well instead of increasing because when fewer people visit our website, fewer leads will be generated for them. Therefore, our I'MTP Population & Competition Control Policy is a well-thought business strategy that capable of balancing up these two business concerns and turn them become a cooperative business advantage rather than a compromising disadvantage. The following describes the rules of our I'MTP Population & Competition Control Policy:

Read the Policy Statements »

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5. Optimize Your Business Performance

Optimize Your Business Performance

Optimize Your Business Performance

What's the point of going for digital marketing when no data can be collected to fine-tune the cost-effectiveness of your future marketing campaigns?

1. Market with us to understand your business better!

Sample I'MTP Pages Performance & Usage Report

Picture showing the sample of I'MTP Monthly Pages Performance & Usage Report. Click to enlarge.

Imagine when you spent thousands of dollar advertising your training programs on other media channels, how do you know how many of them read your ads? Out of those who read your ads, how many of them contacted you for inquiry? Out of all types of training that you offer, which of them are the most popular and which of them are not but may seem to be more profitable to you than others? If the answers to all these questions are vitally important to you, then our I'MTP could be your right choice! Every beginning of the month, we'll send you the pages performance report for the previous month. This report listed all your visited course detail pages of the month, sorted by total pageviews in an descending order so that you can easily find out which courses perform the best. This Adobe PDF report also contains links to your pages so that you can immediately click on it to visit your page for further review. From there, you can figure out what type of courses you should offer more, what type of courses you should make improvement of and so on. This will lead you to perform a conscious marketing rather than blind marketig of which not only you don't even know where your money goes, you also have no idea how to further optimize your business for better performance. With I'MTP, aren't we making your advertising investment more worthwhile than before?

2. Optimize your business performance with our simple tools & reports!

Google Search

With our monthly pages performance report mentioned above, you can then login to our I'MTP Subscriber Central and use our course removal tool to delete those courses that you find not profitable to keep advertising them due to low popularity. In addition, you can also use our course submission tool to submit other new courses that may be more potential and profitable. Imagine if you keep repeating this every month, eventually, all your courses running on will be fully optimized, not only for the sake of profit but also to meet the real market demand! By now, you should be able to realize why we limit the total number of courses allowed for both Professional and Corporate Subscription Plans — if we don't limit it, you would probably never bother to optimize it unless you no longer be able to submit the new one — this is the idea!

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6. Improve Your Professional Image

Improve Your Industry & Corporate Image

Improve Your Professional Image

If training business is to sell your professionalism, how can your professionalism be effectively sold without having your busienss image being presented in a professional way?

1. Present your course content in a professional way

Course Detail Page 2.0

When we're in the training and educational business in particular, demonstrating our professionalism and being a role model to the general public have become one of the key important factors in successfully selling our training programs. For example, we just can't tell people we're qualified to train business writing skills, communication skills and presentation skills when we also fail to prove our skills through the presentation of our course content. Therefore, below are some of our key services that assist our members to achieve this:

  • Our content quality assurance's Course Submission Guidelines
  • Hand-picked and exclusively designed course display image that matches your course title. This course display image also plays a very important role when sharing your pages on those major social networks.
  • A specific section that allows you to specify your marketing impact quote that well-describes the importance of your training program. It will be very unprofessional if we put our marketing words all over our course content.
  • Emphasis on HRDF Claim and PSMB Certification.
  • Online In-house Training Request Form & Public Program Registration
  • Conveniently accessible contact information.
  • Corporate members are not allowed to display their personal email address, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail etc. as their main or alternate contact channel. This can only amateurly present themselves in front of their corporate customers and hurt their corporate image.

2. Show your business commitment and passion through our professionally designed profile page

I'MTP Training Provider Profile 2.0

It's hard for others to respect our business when we don't even respect the way we present our profile, not to mention about showing our business commitment to our potential customers in a convincing way. Though our internet marketing services, your trainer profile or company profile will not only be presented in a meticulous way, it will also be presented as a useful tool that provides the following functionalities to your potential audiences:

  • View all your Top 5 courses.
  • View the rest of your courses by course category.
  • Submit in-house training request or register for your public training program right on the spot without needing to navigate back to the course detail page.
  • View your PSMB certificate online to enhance your professional image.
  • Access your contact information in a convenient way.
  • Review your background, key services, status achievements, and your client references for decision making purposes.
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7. FREE On-going Value Added Services

FREE On-going Value Added Services

FREE On-going Value Added Services

When how much we're getting paid depends on how well we performed, constantly improve our service quality for both members and site visitors has become necessary for our long-term sustainability.

1. Never ending web design quality improvement for greater user experience

Value Added Web Design

As we always mentioned, great SEO helps driving more traffics whereas high quality web design provides greater user experience and hence higher conversion. We always remind ourselves that there is no point to keep increasing our members' pageviews without strategically helping them to increase their pageview-to-lead conversion rate. One of our important missions is to make sure the same number of pageview will generate more number of training request by focusing on the following principles and guidelines:

  • Drive more relevant visitors instead of blindly pulling huge number of visitors just to increase our member's monthly usage and destroy our own business eventually.
  • Improve the impressiveness and persuasiveness of our member's course detail page and profile page that help to trigger more training requests.
  • Improve the visibility and discovery of important information such as member's contact information, links to in-house training request and public program registration form, links to related courses and so on.
  • Faster searching of desired information and easy navigation to intended information.
  • Add more crucial information that play a very important role in the training consumer's decision making process.

As we don't really charge our members for web design fee, we don't provide design customization upon member's request. However, we do welcome our members' feedback and implement whatever that are reasonable within our ability and capacity.

2. Always keep up to the latest Google Webmaster Guidelines for more effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Authorship

Picture showing part of the Google Authorship's welcome message sent by Google to the founder of, Antonio Ooi. Click the picture to enlarge.

One of the key success factors of our SEO is that, we always keep up to the Google's trend and watching them like a hawk! In order to improve their search engine's user experience, Google often change their search engine's algorithm that may affect the traffic performance of many websites that rely on it to survive and we're one of them. This is why many other websites, although having a high page rank, their site traffic keep dropping if they don't take immediate appropriate action to rectify it. Some of the examples that prove that we're following Google's Webmaster Guidelines are like our site authorship acknowledged by Google and the application of Structured Data such as and Open Graph for Google Rich Snippet and social media sharing purposes.

3. When social media technology never stop evolving, we never stop exploring...

I'MTP Training Provider Profile 2.0

Although we've yet to fully utilize all the freely available marketing features of those major social media like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, we've almost utilized all their key fundamental features for the advantage of our members as well as our business as a whole. Such key fundamental features are like Facebook Page, Google+ Page, social share buttons, 'Google Plus Your World', Facebook Tag, and most recently, Facebook and Google+ photo albums for our members' training event photos. As the social media technology continues to evolve, we'll continue to explore and adopt whatever that we find suitable for the benefits of all parties.

4. Constantly reviewed subscriber tools & service policy for more sustainable business ecosystem with greater balance

A healthy & sustainable ecosystem

In OTK Web Solutions® and in particular, we always believe in high business agility as one of the key factors for business success. Without business agility, creatvity will be a great challenge as it will be prohibited by many rules, regulations, and traditions. While rules & regulations may also be important to ensure system stability as well as to prevent abusive attempts by certain parties, we'll have to seek for the balance between business agility and security. Therefore, from time to time, we'll review our business rules and service terms, not only for the benefits of all parties but also for the balance and healthiness of the entire business ecosystem. Some examples that reflect the agility of our business culture include our new Pricing Reduction Policy, Population & Competition Control Policy, and our Alternate Week Course Submission Policy.

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1. Performance-based Pricing Scheme

1 Becoming a member

Learn how to become our I'MTP member

2 Submit your company profile & course content

Learn how to publish your company profile and course contents on our website

3 We do all the work for you

Learn how we process your submissions and publish them for effective online marketing

4 Standby for your incoming training requests

Get contacted directly by the customers, close your own sales without paying us any commission!

5 Receive your monthly report

Study your monthly pages performance & usage report and make your payment as necessary

Drive Market Awareness

Becoming a member

Blindly becoming our member is pointless when you have no idea on how to go about working with us for our mutual success.


Understand our Services

  • Understand the benefits of our service
  • Understand our Pricing Scheme
  • Understand how our services work
  • Understand our service terms and limitation


Apply for the Membership

  • Complete the Membership Requirements Checklist
  • Run through our Quick Q&A Tour
  • Fill up the online Membership Application Form


Wait for your Membership Application Acceptance

  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
  • Accepted applicant will receive an Offer Letter from us
  • You make your first-time payment to accept the Offer Letter
  • We'll create a login account for you based on your memberhsip application information
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2. Submit your company profile & course content

Drive Market Awareness

Submit your company profile & course content

We just can't train others to be professionals when we also fail to present our company profile and course content in a professional way.


Login to our I'MTP Subscriber Central

  • Use the information given by us to access your I'MTP Subscriber Central
  • Use your Gmail username and password to login to your I'MTP Subscriber Central
  • Your Gmail username and password can be maintained at your Google Gmail Application


Submit your Company Profile

  • Get ready your company information such as company registration number and date of establishment
  • Get ready your company description, key services, status achievements, and client references
  • Get ready the soft copy of your company logo and PSMB certificate
  • Submit your above information through I'MTP Subscriber Central
  • You need to submit at least 5 courses before your company profile can be published and promoted on our social networks
  • You'll be notified via email when your company profile has been published


Submit your In-house Courses

  • Your in-house courses will be your permanently available course contents on
  • Get ready your course title, duration, target audience, overview, objectives, and outline
  • Your course content must be UNIQUELY written and has no duplication over the internet
  • Submit your course outline as a file attachment and others as form entries through I'MTP Subscriber Central
  • Your submission is subject to our verification and approval
  • You'll be notified via email when your in-house course has been published


Promote your In-house Course as Public Course

  • Once your in-house course contents have been published on, you can promote them again and again as your public courses
  • Get ready your event date, venue, course fee, and other discounts and promotional item text
  • Submit your public training event information through I'MTP Subscriber Central
  • Your submission is subject to our verification and approval
  • You'll be notified via email when your public training event has been published


Maintain your Company Profile & Course Contents

  • You can edit your company profile by submitting an edit request to us
  • You can edit or remove your course content by submitting an edit or removal request to us
  • You can change or remove your public training event information by submitting an edit or removal request to us
  • Your submission is subject to our verification and approval
  • You'll be notified via email when your public training event has been published
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3. We do all the work for you

Drive Market Awareness

We do all the work for you

When content quality and relevancy have become utmost important for Google search engine, fully automated content publishing no longer works.


We validate your submitted content

  • We check the UNIQUENESS of your course content to make sure no duplication across the internet
  • We check the completeness of your course content to make sure no mandatory information is missing
  • We check to make sure your course content is professionally written: Emphasize on training topics rather than full of marketing elements
  • For public training event, we check for the validity of your training schedule and pricing structure
  • Content that violates our quality guidelines will be rejected and advised with suggestions


We analyze & optimize your content for search engines

  • We study your content and optimize it with most highly search keywords that match with your content
  • We bold and italic some of your key terms in a natural way to capture the attention of both the users and search engines
  • We structured your content according to Microdata and standards
  • We write proper Meta Description for your course content pages for best search result ranking and click-through rate
  • We make sure your course content is UNQIUE to prevent it from getting penalized by Google
  • We submit your course content pages to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines for indexing


We help to present your pages professionally

  • We have carefully crafted course content page and company profile page templates to deliver your services with full confidence
  • We have both exclusively designed and hand-pick professional images that well represent your training topics
  • We apply high-contrast and modern web design methods for best user experience (UX)
  • We strategically place your contact information and lead generation links at the most visible area for maximum results


We promote your pages across our social networks

We promote your page through our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks when:

  • Your company profile is published
  • You have newly published courses
  • You have published new public training event
  • You have revised your course content
  • Your public training event has been postponed or cancelled
  • You have a major update on your company profile


We monitor your pages performance from time to time

  • We study your pages performance from time to time
  • We proactively re-optimize your poorly performed pages whenever necessary
  • We promote your low performed pages on our 5 Noteworthy Courses Sidebar to improve its awareness
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4. Standby for your incoming training requests

Drive Market Awareness

Standby for your incoming training requests

Do not blame us if we eventually turn your contact number into HOTLINE!

When you have enough number of courses to cover large number of audiences, you began to drive large number of traffic to your pages. By the time you reach about fifty courses, it may turn your contact number into hotline!

If you're a traffic oriented member, there are 3 ways you can receive your incoming leads:


Through our online forms

Our online form service is a convenient and efficient way for your potential customers to instantly inform you what they need as well as what you need, all at the same time. For example, our in-house training request form allows your customers to specify:

  • Course Title
  • Estimated No. of Attendees (optional)
  • Suggested Date (optional)
  • Suggested Venue (optional)
  • Quote to address
  • Contact person's information

As you can see, the design of our form cut down many unncessary Q&A that applies to most cases. As such, your customers will know what to expect after submitting the form while you also know what to prepare after receiving the form. This has made our leads more realistic and easier to close.

As for public program registration form, the form will be much simpler than the in-house training request form. Registered participants will be able to receive a copy of their registration information upon submission. This includes the training schedule and venue so that they can print it out as their own reference as well as for attendance verification purposes.


Through phone calls

With our Course Detail Page 2.0 format, your phone number will be immediately visible to your customers without any scrolling of their web browser! You'll more likely be contacted by the customers when they want to find out more about your training programs, e.g. training calendar, course content customization, presale presentation request and so on.


Through emails

There are cases when your customers prefer to email you instead of merely submitting form or making phone call. One of the key reasons behind this is that, some require to cc. their inquiry to their manager or team members who involve in the organization of a particular training. As such, you may need to reply-all who are in the loop when performing your follow-up.

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5. Receive your monthly report

Drive Market Awareness

Receive your monthly report

It will be a waste of advertising investment if the effectiveness of your advertisements cannot be measured and analyzed to strategize your future marketing campaigns for greater ROI.

Every begining of the month, we'll send you a monthly pages performance & usage report for the previous month in Adobe PDF format. For example, at 1st November 2012, we'll send you the report dated from 1st October 2012 to 31st October 2012. The report consists of the following two sections:


Monthly Pages Performance Report

This monthly pages performance report isn't only act as your monthly web traffic report but also the calculation source of your monthly usage. The information below will be extracted from our Google Analytics tool:

  • Page URL
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews

The total pageviews of a particular page will usually be greater than the unique pageview as it may contain repeat viewing of the same page in the same user session. When calculating your usage of the month, we only base on the total unique pageviews of all pages. This report will be sorted by pageviews in a descending order as only the pageview can be used to decide the actual performance and attractiveness of your page. The more attractive your page is, the more it will be repeatedly viewed by your audiences. From here, you'll know that which of your training programs are more popular and which are less. As your maximum number of courses allowed is only 200 for Corporate member and 100 for Professional, you can use our course removal tool to remove those with the least popular in order to give rooms for other potential courses. This will also help you to spend your monthly usage wisely only on more popular and profitable courses.


Monthly Usage Report

The monthly usage report is actually the monthly statement of your I'MTP account. It contains the following information used to calculate your monthly usage:

  • Opening Balance / Balance brought forward from last month
  • Your payment trainsaction (if any)
  • Your I'MTP bonus that you received (if any)
  • Your month end balance
  • Our top-advice, e.g. Required, Recommended, or Not Required
  • Your required minimum top-value according to your current number of courses running on

You're required to make your top-up payment based on the prescribed minimum top-up value if your current balance is running low, e.g. less than 20% of your recent month usage. However, we'll also send you an email alert when your account balance is running low. An account suspension alert will also be sent to you if your account balance has fallen below RM0.00. Your pages will no longer show up on if you fail to make your payment within 10 working days. Your account will be suspended if you also fail to make your payment within 30 working days. After failing to make your payment within 60 working days, your account will be terminated and all your pages will be deleted. For more information, please refer to our I'MTP Terms & Conditions.

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Membership Application

1. Complete the Requirements Checklist

1 Pricing

Learn the start-up prepaid cost and usage rate.

2 I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy

Learn how you can enjoy lower pricing as you grow in number of courses.

3 I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy

Learn about our Min. Top-up Payment Policy as you grow in number of courses.

4 View Available Special Offer!

Learn about what else you can earn from our periodical special offer.

I'MTP Performance-based Usage Options

I'MTP Performance-based Pricing Scheme

Your success means our success, there is no other tricky alternatives.

With our performance-based pricing scheme, you do not have to risk your investment on many other internet marketing projects. You only pay us more when we're doing a great job in increasing your market awareness. You don't even have to pay us extra for any leads generated by us, whether through form submissions, incoming emails or phone calls.

Upfront Deposit
  • Act as your Credit Limit
  • Minimum RM300 and expandable if you need greater credit limit
  • Refundable if no outstanding balance upon account termination
RM 300
Start-up Prepaid Cost

This will be your minimum start-up prepaid cost and will be increased as your number of courses increases (see Section 3 - I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy). It will be deducted from every Unique Pageview (see below) from the visitor who view your course content pages or company profile. You will need to top-up your account with the prescribed amount when your credit balance is running low. We'll send you a notifaction upon low balance.

  • No setup fee
  • No date restriction or expiry date
  • No other hidden fees
RM 250
Usage Per Unique Pageview
  • No charge on repeat viewing on the same page in the same user session
  • Applies to your Course Detail Pages and Company Profile only
  • Reduced as your number of course titles increased according to our Pricing Reduction Policy
RM 0.50
Promote Your Company Profile
  • Free company profile submission
  • Free company profile maintenance through our service request forms
  • Free SEO to be searchable by major internet search engines
  • Free social media promotion on our social networks upon major update of your profile
Promote Your In-house & Public Courses
  • Free in-house course submission
  • Free repeatedly promoting your in-house courses to public courses
  • Free course content maintenance through our service request forms
  • Free online leads generation forms for in-house training request and public program registration
  • Free SEO to be searchable by major internet search engines
  • Free social media promotion on our social networks upon major update of your courses
Monthly Pages Performance & Usage Report
  • Contains your monthly statement of account
  • Detailed breakdown of your pageview performance by course title
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2. Pricing Reduction Policy

I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy

I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy

Where your loyalty and trust deserve to be rewarded for our mutual growth and long-term sustainability...

I'MTP Pricing Reduction Policy (PRP) was specially designed not only to reward our member's loyalty but also to let them expand their number of courses on without so much of financial concerns and barriers. Usually, the more courses you offer on, the more traffics will be coming to you and therefore your monthly usage as well. However, in return, more consistent monthly sales leads will also be generated. By reducing our cost per unique pageview as your number of monhtly lead grows, this also means that your profit will also be growing because as the more leads you received, the more sales you may be able to close. This is extremely amazing as it is like steroid that boosts your ROI in a very signifcant manner! The table below shows how your cost of unique pageview is reduced as your number of course title is increased:

Cost Per Unique Pageview No. of Course Titles

Per Unique Pageview

Below 41

Per Unique Pageview

41 - 80

Per Unique Pageview

81 - 120

Per Unique Pageview

121 - 160

Per Unique Pageview

161 or higher

Read the Policy Statements »

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4. Minimum Top-up Payment Policy

I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy

I'MTP Minimum Top-up Payment Policy

While every return has its price to be paid, we still can assure you that you'll never have to pay for more than what you should...

Very much similar to mobile prepaid model, the more courses you required to publish on, the more monthly usage will incur to your account. Therefore, your prepaid cost will also be increased and gone higher than your start-up prepaid cost. However, even though your minimum top-up value is increased, the cost per unique pageview will never increased. Instead, your cost per unique pageview will be decreased when your number of courses has gone up to certain range as stated in the Pricing Reduction Policy. No matter how much your minimum top-value is increased, you'll not be required to make your top-up payment every monthly unless your balance is running low, e.g. 10 - 20% of your monthly usage. In other words, even though the increase of number of courses will not increase your monthly traffic, the increment of your minimum top-up value can only make your account balance last longer before the next payment is required.

Basically, our minimum top-up payment policy is simple:

  1. You still stick to your Start-up Prepaid Cost as long as your number of courses does not go more than 20.
  2. Your minimum top-up value will be increased by RM100 whenever you number of courses increased by 20.

The table below shows you the examples:

No. of Course Titles Min. Top-up Value
Below 21 RM250
21 - 40 RM350
41 - 60 RM450
61 -80 RM550
81 - 100 RM650
101 - 120 RM750
121 - 140 RM850
141 - 160 RM950
161 - 180 RM1,050
181 - 200 RM1,150

NOTE: You can always top-up more than the prescribed minimum top-up value when your monthly traffic has gone higher than expected and you do not want to keep topping up too often every monthly. The diagram below explains the timing of when your minimum top-up value will be increased while working in conjunction with the Alternate Week Course Subnmission Policy.

Read the Policy Statements »

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5. View the Current Promotion!

Limited Offer

100% Start-up Bonus Challenge!

Those who contribute to the balance of the ecosystem deserve a great return.

Get started at almost Zero Cost!

The Challenge Bonus Credit Earned

If you're able to submit 20 or more unique courses of any of the following Priority Categories* or combined within the first 60 days after signed-up:

  • Information Technology
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Manufacturing Operation

* RM110.00 Bonus Credit for Non-Priority Categories.


of Your
Start-up Cost)

Your Total Start-up Credit Balance

Your First-time Payment + Bonus Credit Earned


Get an additional 100% Bonus Credit shown above as your Start-up Credit Balance if:

  • You're major in one or more of the following Priority Categories:
    • Information Technology
    • Manufacturing Operation
    • Environmental Health & Safety
  • You're able to contribute at least 20 unique courses in any of the above Priority Categories in the following manner:
    • Submit minimum 10 courses within the first 30 days after signed-up and another 10 unique courses in another 30 days.
    • You can also choose to submit all your 20 unique courses within the first 30 days from your Date Joined if you're able to.
  • The course content of your 20 unique courses are unique and does not have any duplications across the entire Internet, including your own website and This is to prevent Google Content Duplication Penalty on our website and to ensure the effectiveness for us to optimize your courses through Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO). The content can be of same type, e.g Talent Management, but with uniquely written course outline and emphasis.
  • You've met our standard membership application requirements.
  • You've passed our Final Q&A Test.

If you think you're up for the challenge, please read through the Terms & Conditions stated below and click Next to further understand how our service works (recommended) or click on the Apply Now tab to apply now!

Terms & Conditions

  1. For Priority Categories: Your RM250.00 bonus credit will only be credited into your account when all your 20 priority category courses have been approved and published according to the prescribed time frame: A minimum of 10 priority courses in the first 30 days and the remaining balance in the next 30 days. If you fail to achieve the first 30-day milestone, you'll be disqualified for the RM250.00 credit bonus.
  2. For Mixed / Non-Priority Categories: If you're unable to submit the 20 priority courses on time but only with the non-priority courses or mixture of them, RM110.00 consolation credit bonus will be credited into your account when all your 20 unique courses have been approved and published within the first 60 days from Date Joined. If you fail to achieve the first 30-day milestone, you'll be disqualified for the RM110.00 credit bonus.
  3. All bonus credits rewarded by OTK Web Solutions® cannot be used as refund or part of the refund and cannot be converted to cash, cheque, or exchange for any other products and/or services, neither they can be transferred to any individual or organization.
  4. If you remove any of the qualified courses after receving your bonus credit in not more than 180 days, 5% of your total reward earned will be debited into your account as penalty for every qualified course removed (100% bonus credit divided by 20 qualified courses). The same goes to if you modify your course to the extent whereby it is no longer fit into the prescribed requirements.
  5. If you terminate your I'MTP account with your total usage more than your total payment but less than the sum of your total payments plus (+) rewards, no refund will be given. Refund upon account termination will only be given when your total payment alone is more than your total usage on the day your termination is effective.
  6. You can choose to terminate your I'MTP account until your total credit balance (start-up payment + bonus credit) has been fully utilized without any refund by giving us a written notice prior to RM0.00 account balance.
  7. The above offer will only be valid until further notice or until the designated training category slots have been fully occupied (10 members per category).
  8. All the above terms & conditions are subject to change and improvement.
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