Competency Management Training: 2 Days

Competency Management Training Course Competency Management Training
By Althea Goh
Competency Management:

How To Fit Competency-Based Model Into Your Organization

“For Better Managing of Human Capital & Human Performances”

By Althea Goh

Bachelor of Business • Certified ISMS Auditor • Certified Practitioner of Cellular Memory Regressor • PSMB TTT Exempted Trainer
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Course Title:
How To Fit Competency-Based Model Into Your Organization
Training Category:
Human Resource Management
Target Audience:
Directors, Heads of Departments, Line Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders and key staff in Human Capital Management.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

Many companies attempt cost-cutting initiatives and terminate employees in their efforts to stay financially afloat during the economic downturn. In some cases, talents were unwittingly retrenched and the deadwoods were retained; further forcing these affected companies to business closures.

Ironically, while job losses are mounting, companies continue to struggle with shortages in critical, high-impact positions as KEY TALENTS are always in short supply.

This timely workshop is in line with companies that are embarking on implementing competency-based management model of their human capital and human performances.

Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this 2-day competency model management training, participants should be able:

  • To interconnect Competency in Human Capital Management and its strategic impacts;
  • To recognise, understand and take on these roles and responsibilities in Competency-based approach;
  • To know how to identify competencies in Job Description;
  • To learn the best practice in employee engagement using Competency-based approach;
  • To know how to identify mastery levels of the defined competencies in a Job;
  • To know the methodologies and techniques of collecting information for identifying the key competencies, key behaviours and talents of a person (i.e. best fitted candidate or current employee);
  • To know how to match the person to the Job;
  • To identify the competency variance for career development, performance improvement, a better fit of person to job, talent and succession management; and
  • To increase the employees' engagement by implementing, aligning, integrating & acculturating competency-based Human Capital Management System that works effectively & efficiently.

Course Outline ›



  • What is Competency?
  • What is Competency-model?
  • Practical Exercise - Who benefits from competency-models?
  • The Iceberg Model
  • Practical Exercise - Competency & its Strategic Interconnectedness
  • How do Competencies add Value
  • Roles & Responsibilities - Employee, Manager & Human Resource Staff

Module 2 - THE JOB

  • Using the Competency Process to Drive
  • Experiential Exercise - Identify Competencies in Job Description
    Excel format designed by Althea given & a generic Competency Dictionary with Mastery Levels provided
  • Video Clip #1 - Best Practice of Employee Engagement
  • Experiential Exercise - Identify Competency Levels in a Job

Module 3 - THE PERSON

  • The Competencies in a Person
  • The Assessment Methods -
    Behavioural Event Interviews, Critical Incident Techniques, S.T.A.R. Approach, Assessment & Profiling Tools, Performance Appraisal / Review
  • Practical Exercise - Identify the Competencies from the S.T.A.R. response
  • Video Clips - At Behavioural Event interviews -
    Training video, "More than a Gut Feeling" by Dr Paul C. Green, Ph.D., an industrial organisational psychologist. His training program of same title was recognised by Fortune Magazine as being one of the all time bestselling training films in any category.
  • Video Clip #2 - Identify Competencies (Skills, Knowledge & Abilities)
  • Video Clip #3 - Questioning Techniques
  • Experiential Exercises - Identify the Key Behaviours / Competencies
  • Video Clip #4 - An Office Meeting
  • Video Clip #5 - An Office Incident
  • Video Clip #6 - Starbuck Store Manager
  • Video Clip #7 - Dastardly & Muttley - Stop the Pigeon
  • Video Clip #8 - A Television Sit-com Episode, Wings


  • Build Bench Strength - Method to identify gaps in current employees & job competencies


  • Video Clips - Competencies in Career Development -
  • Video Clip #9 - 1st Performance Review
  • Video Clip #10 - 2nd Performance Review
  • Experiential Exercises - Competencies' Variances for Performance Improvement, Career Development, Corrective Measures & Proactive Initiatives in an Employee
  • Video Clip #11 - Office Mishaps
  • Video Clip #8 - Wing's Episode
  • Video Clip #4 - An Office Meeting
  • Video Clip #5 - An Office Incident

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