Colored Brain Communication Skills

Colored Brain Communication Skills Colored Brain Communication Skills
By Culture Dynamics DCI
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Being the Colored Brain Communicator
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Soft Skills › Communication & Interpersonal
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Individual whose success, depends on effective communication skills in meetings, presentations or one-to-one discussion. Anyone who desires to improve communication and influencing skill and overcome interaction barriers.
Managers, Team Leaders, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Technical & Specialists, Professionals & Consultants, Public Relations & Spokespeople, Business owners & Entrepreneurs, Supervisors & Executives

2 Days
Public Training Events
Nov 2018 ›
Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Wed 14 Nov 2018 - Thu 15 Nov 2018
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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  • MIA / ACCA member gets RM1200. You are given one set of Colored Brain Communication Inventory & Card worth RM142.00.
  • Payment must be made 2 weeks before training.
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Communication Skills:
Being the Colored Brain Communicator

“The Strategies of Engaging and Connecting People Effectively”

By Culture Dynamics DCI

Directive Communication Certified Training Provider • Chartered Member of American Institute of Business Psychology • PSMB Certified Training Provider
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  • What is your colored brain and how is it affecting your communication skill?
  • How you think is how you speak…so do you know your genetic thinking style?
  • You thought you were clear in your words and yet people do not get you right! Why?

All of us process our world around us differently. Our communication style is based on how we think and our thinking style is based on our brain genetic processor. The Colored Brain Communication is developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi and it is discovered that our genetic brain processor can determine our character and communication style.

This workshop strives to cover the foundation and concept of communication through discovering of self. You will do the Colored Brain Communication Inventory to uncover your Colored Brain. It will be a revelation to understand yourself at a deeper level and unleash the greater potential in you.

This workshop is inter-active filled with experiential games to explore your communication style. It will enhance your inter-personal skill in dealing, engaging and managing people. At the end of the session, you will develop your personal communication strategy on how to capitalize on your strengths and leverage on the strengths of other people to overcome your weaknesses.

This course is also available in Chinese / Mandarin.

Course Objectives

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Acquire a deeper understanding and awareness of communication skills, processes and concepts.
  • Communicate effectively with people of all types as a result of discovering personal brain profile.
  • Develop self-confidence and enhance self-esteem in dealing with people.
  • Gain psychological understanding to influence at the subconscious level.
  • Develop capabilities to overcome misunderstandings and minimize conflicts through understanding the brain's genetic processes.

Course Outline


1. Fundamentals of Communication

  • What is communication?
  • 7 Components of Communication
  • The Colored Glasses Syndrome

2. The Colored Brain Communication

  • 4 Colored Brain Processors
  • Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI)
  • Interpretation of your natural talents, potentials, strengths & weaknesses
  • Colored Brain Communication cards & usage


3. Understanding the Communication Process

  • Communication Gap & Barrier
  • Communication & Perception
  • Power of Question
  • Power of Words

4. Communication Skills Enhancement

  • Colored Brain Feedback
  • Ways to say 'No'
  • Communication activity
  • Application of the Colored Brain Strategies


  1. Directive Communication™ is a training and organizational development psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi that affects how people act and react to each other in teams, and how that affects individual performance. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative team culture and leadership.
  2. Participants will do the Colored Brain Communication Inventory to uncover the personal genetic brain processing style.
  3. Our methodology is based on interactive learning, experiential activities and facilitative training style.
  4. We use variety of proprietary training tools, group discussion, team reflective circle, storytelling, lecture with games and activities to make learning FUN and IMPACTFUL!


2 days of interactive workshop facilitated by our certified trainer(s), workbook and certificate of accomplishment. We also have trainers with Chinese / Mandarin capabilities to deliver this course.

Participants will do Colored Brain Communication Psychometric Profiling to find out own colored brain type and how your brain processes information genetically.

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