Fraud Management Training: 2 Days

Fraud Management Training: Fighting Fraud Fraud Management: Fighting Fraud
By Dr. Samuel Sittlington
Financial Management:

Fraud Management: Fighting Fraud

“All those who attend will leave the course with a heightened level of impetus being alert to new levels of skill and command of fraud investigation.”

By Dr. Samuel Sittlington

Master of Art • BSc (HONS) CFE
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Fraud Management: Fighting Fraud Training Category:
Business Management Target Audience:
This course will be suitable for internal and external auditors, forensic accountants, Law Enforcement, Investigators, Bank staff and financial investigators. This course will also be ideal for middle and senior managers who have ownership of the responsibility of overseeing the audit process as it relates to the detection, prevention and investigation of economic crime. This course also aimed at those decision-makers, managers and all members of public and private sector organisations, who require an understanding of fraud and its ramifications in the workplace. The course is also a must for members of law enforcement agencies and those directly involved within the procurement management arena, as well as project managers, contract managers, policy makers and advisors. Duration:
2 Days
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Oct 2015 ›
Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Mon 05 Oct 2015 - Tue 06 Oct 2015
8:30AM - 5:30PM

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Course Introduction ›

Fraud is endemic in all areas of society and business and everyone pays for it directly or indirectly. Government entities, financial institutions, construction, non-profit organisations, insurance, commercial business and investments are just some of the areas that have recently been highlighted as risk areas and who fall victim to every conceivable kind of scheme.

This unique course will enhance your skills and capabilities in fraud investigation, mitigate the risks in your organisation and increase the effectiveness of your position as a CEO, fraud investigator or auditor. Be one step ahead of the rest and take the lead in investigation with up to date knowledge in typologies and methods of fraud and proven techniques in investigation.

This course uses real life cases that are materially current and relevant in today’s environment and proven through the knowledge and experience of your instructor Dr Sam Sittlington. All those who attend will leave the course with a heightened level of impetus being alert to new levels of skill and command of fraud investigation.

No matter what location, organisation, position, department, responsibility or level of knowledge, this course will heighten your capabilities, your expertise and your perceptions of financial crime. You will become the master within your company at preventing, identifying and dealing with fraud no matter how complex.

Course Objectives ›

  • Learn how to plan and execute the fraud examination
  • Learn the analytical tricks to detect and implement fraud enquiries
  • Learn how to identify and gather evidence avoiding the legal issues of work searches and electronics communication
  • Learn how to conduct admission seeking interviews and techniques
  • Learn how to develop and initiate an anti fraud program
  • Practical techniques in giving evidence and cross examination
  • Learn how to trail and return stolen assets
  • Learn the consequences for staff working in foreign jurisdictions and fraud probes
  • Increase your business integrity by following the fraud culture rules
  • Learn how to use the computer/technology as an additional tool in your fraud armoury

Course Outline ›


Introduction & Agenda

  • Use of an ice breaker (comfort zone)
  • Review of agenda as well as course expectations
  • Setting the scene “Fighting Fraud”

Presentation and Discussion: Hot Spots For Financial Crime In The Organization

  • Brief outline of the components of Fraud, Bribery & Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering
  • Who, where, what, when and how Financial Crime effects your business
  • Experiences (me and you)
  • Establishing appropriate governance structure to nurture effective operation of fraud control

Practical Exercise: Business Scenario

  • A scene will be set for delegates to evaluate
  • Surprise features will interrupt the setting to develop the delegates decision making and problem solving skills around all financial crime areas
  • Strengthening the relationship between fraud control and the operation of any compliance strategies to minimize risk

Practical Exercise: Do you know who your client is?

  • To report or not to report, that is the question
  • Scenarios to identify suspicion and reporting
  • Defensive reporting
  • Risk Based Approach and PEPS
  • Do Biometrics or hinder suspicion

Video: Suspicious Customer

Practical Exercise: Detecting Corruption

  • Objectives is to locate indicators for potential bribery and corruption through participants activity
  • Corruption indicators
  • What to look for
  • How to respond

Presentation: Profiling Corrupt and Fraudulent Practice (followed by practical exercise)

  • Using psychology profiling and intelligence to succeed in fraud investigations
  • Addressing weaknesses of internal control which internal perpetrator can exploit
  • Financial profiles “who are they”
  • Identify assets
  • Locating assets
  • Searches for assets (Video)
  • Analysis

Presentation & Video Followed By Exercise and Discussion “Accountancy Practice or miss-practice”

  • Obtaining open sauce accounting material and analyzing for potential fraud
  • What do you expect to see
  • What do you see
  • Expect the unexpected

Case Studies: Fraud/AML/CTF/ Asset Recovery

  • Identify the factors that influence AML policy effectiveness
  • Assessing how an organization's audit committee can play a key role in securing awareness that links fraud controls with other governance frameworks
  • Focus on International money transfers and offshore financial centres
  • Focus on small amounts of cash transactions
  • Focus on suspicious and role of MLRO

Discussion on Previous Case Studies

  • Highlighting the open door policy, sharing information and feedback
  • Question and answer session

Exercise/ Discussion: Forensic Techniques vs Investigative Techniques

  • Look at the common denominators of 9/11 terrorist attack in New York and London bombings
  • Using financial crime techniques can assist
  • Discuss audit of money trails
  • Discuss reporting failing/ repercussions
  • Completion of reporting forms based on indicators provided

Lecture/Exercise: Keeping It Together Strategy and Working

  • Developing roles and responsibilities in-house
  • Developing working groups with other agencies/ entities
  • Sharing best practice, experiences and problem solving

Presentation: Establishing and Anti-Fraud Culture, Zero Fraud Tolerance: Detecting “Red Flags” and Reinforcing Ethical Standards For Employees

  • Fraud Triangle: Assessing key components in the triangle to manage internal fraud efficiency
  • The need for an ethical corporate culture and what such a culture looks like
  • Roles and responsibilities with regard to managing fraud risk
  • How performance measurement and management initiatives can support– or hinder– the organization's antifraud initiatives
  • Analyzing benefits of employee anti-fraud education programme, ethics policy, code of conduct, and employee support programmes are in place

Presentation: Steps For Fighting Fraud

  • Demonstrating non-traditional data to augment your analytic anti fraud effort
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to determine the next strike of suspicious activity Data mining using SPSS/SAS
  • Employing high performance big data and analytics to detect, pre-empt & prevent fraud within your organization

Case Study: Group Work

  • Managing Suspicious Activity reports
  • Directing roles of team members
  • Analyzing documents
  • Asking questions seeking answers
  • Making judgements/ hypothesizing
  • Multi-jurisdictional enquiries
  • Visual aids to group work
  • Record keeping

Presentation of Group Findings From Case Study

  • Each group presents their situation to the case study
  • Outputs-team work-analysis-leadership-strategy

DVD Result of Case Study

  • TV Documentary of case study

Roundtables Discussion

  • Question & Answer Session
  • Key Issues from the course

Presentation of Certificates

Who had attended this training ›

  • Telekom Malaysia Berhad
  • Jabatan Audit Negara
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Air Asia
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Kementerian Kewangan Sabah
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad

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