Internet of Things (IOT) with Raspberry PI

Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry PI Training Course Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry PI
By ComSystem Solutions
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Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry PI

“Learn to build your knowledge to expand it to other applications with Raspberry Pi IoT project.”

By ComSystem Solutions

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Course Title:
Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry PI
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Information Technology
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Developers, Programmers & IT Personnel.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

This Raspberry Pi IoT project is the best way to get started on working with the IoT (Internet of Things) and to build your knowledge to expand it to other applications. This course will demonstrate a sample project to learn how to make sensors communicate with each other. The demonstration will also include on how to record temperature on a trigger and then push notifications from the server to your Android device.

Course Objectives ›

  1. Setting up a Raspberry Pi
  2. Using a temperature sensor (DS18B20)
  3. Using a PIR sensor
  4. Using a temperature and PIR sensor together
  5. Setting up and working with a web server to store data and run other applications
  6. Using Python, PHP, and MySQL
  7. Using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service to send temperature notification to an Android app when the situation arises and to display stored data

Prerequisites ›

Required Materials

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. SD Card (minimum recommended - 4GB, would be a micro SD card)
  3. DS18B20 Temperature sensor (preferred Keyes model)
  4. PIR Motion Sensor
  5. Jumper wires, breadboard
  6. Working Laptop with internet connection
  7. Router and ethernet cables

Required Softwares

  1. Win32 Disk Imager (Windows users)
  2. PuTTY (Windows users)
  3. Advanced IP Scanner
  4. WAMP/LAMP/MAMP server (This project was done using a Windows laptop on a WAMP server)

Course Outline ›


1. Setting up the Pi for the Raspberry Pi IoT Project

  • Raspbian OS
  • platform instructions

2. Booting the Raspberry Pi IoT System

  • SSH instead of additional monitor,mouse and keyboard
  • Connecting Pi and laptop with DHCP enabled router
  • Run Advanced IP Scanner for IP identification

3. Installing Web Server Application

  • Bitnami WAMP Stack
  • Python configuration
  • Create table for data storage

4. Interfacing a Temperature Sensor for the Raspberry Pi IoT Project

  • Sensor connection
  • Sensor configuration

5. Interfacing the PIR Sensor with the Raspberry Pi IoT System

  • Sensor connection
  • Sensor configuration

6. Server-Side Scripting for the Raspberry Pi IoT System

  • MySQLdb module for Python
  • Python Scripting

1. Creating android application

  • Receive the temperature readings on android device
  • Display the database of the temperature sent by the Pi
  • Setting up Google Cloud Messaging

2. Building android application

  • Configure dependencies
  • Connection establishment
  • Register android device with GCM Server
  • Sending registration id to the server
  • Generate notification
  • Manifest
  • Resource files

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