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Let us help to grow your training business like Snowball!

Why I'MTP Snowball?

Gain more trainers

Get more talented trainers to join you!

I'MTP Snowball helps driving more talented freelance trainers to join you based on your own terms and discretion! We provide you with free buttons and standard online form that allow potential trainers to submit their Associate Trainer Application to you for your consideration.

By acquiring more associate trainers, you also acquire wider range of training topics to cover the needs of greater diverse audiences in the training market. When you're able to offer wider range of courses on MalaysiaTraining.net, we'll then be able to drive more traffics to your course content pages and hence generate more leads for you for higher sales conversion.

Get more certification bodies and training providers from other fields to partner with you!

Not all training providers are competitors to you — many of them could be having 0 to 20% of their courses with direct conflict with yours. As such, why not helping them to promote their non-conflicting courses through your brand name on MalaysiaTraining.net at the same time boosting up the popularity of your brand name and start earning more profits for the expansion of your training business? In addition to this, I'MTP Snowball can also help to attract more influential certification bodies to partner with you and hence enabling you to deliver more certification values to your customers. We provide you with free buttons and standard online form that allow relevant parties to submit their partnership request to you for your consideration.

Keep in mind that with our I'MTP policy, we only accept limited number of local SMB training providers who registered with PSMB to be our members. Therefore, there are still great number of training providers, including those foreign training companies, who are still available to be your valuable training partners.

Gain more trainers

Gain more trainers

Register with more reputable corporate clients!

When your market reputation has grown, whether with your all-time effort or with the help of our I'MTP Snowball, more and more large corporate clients may be interested to have you register with them as their registered training vendor — so here comes our free Vendor Registration Invitation form that readily to serve your valuable clients of such! By having this online form available, it creates greater opportunity for you to gain more reputable clients that can be acted as strong tertimonials to your service quality. Once you've gained such reputable clients, we can help you to showcase their logo on your company profile as your strong evidence of success. This will in turn help you to gain more leads and close more sales for the future to come.

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