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Human Resource Management: Grooming Etiquette and Understanding Personality Workshop -, Malaysia Training Courses Grooming Etiquette Workshop
Dr Kamal Kenny
PSMB HRDF Claimable
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Grooming Etiquette and Understanding Personality Workshop
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Soft Skills
Target Audience:
Supervisors, Administrators, Officers, Executives, Middle Managers
1 day
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Business Etiquette:
Grooming Etiquette & Understanding Personality Workshop


By Dr Kamal Kenny

PhD in Gender Development • Master in Science • Degree in Social Science • PSMB TTT Exempted • HRDF Claimable
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This programme is important to enhance the personal and professional competency of an individual at work. Grooming etiquette is closely connected with an individual’s professionalism at workplace. Likewise, understanding personality helps an individual in his personal development in one’s career.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Work in a more professional manner
  • Work on his/her flaws to best interest of the organisation
  • Apply the right grooming technique for professional outlook
  • Will understand various personality traits and why people behave differently
  • Will leverage on his positive personality traits and work on his negative personality traits

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Grooming Etiquette

Participants will learn the basic tools of etiquette in the business world. This will include on what is right to say, how to give out your cards, shake hands and ‘do’ and ‘don’ts’ of a formal business meeting. Participants will also learn the importance of non-verbal communication and how non verbal communication can be occasionally be misconstrued.

Table Etiquette

In this session, participants will learn on the real guide of table mannerism and what cutleries to be used when.

Understanding Personality at Work

Understanding Personality : Accept it, We Are All Different!

Participants will analyse how different personalities affect their lives and the people around them, and due to this, people are always communicating differently. In this session, participants will be given case studies to analyse and how understanding personality can help improve one’s personal development.

Analysing Personality in Different Context of Work

Participants will be taken through how different personality will behave and respond to different context of work. Participants will be given case studies to analyse in this session and brainstorm after it.


Where appropriate, activities will include the following:

  • Short Lectures
  • Group and Individual Discussions/Presentations/Role Plays
  • Self-Discovery Activities
  • Intelligent Adult Games
  • Short Video Clips
  • Energisers

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